Speakers for your Employee Resource Group Event

As companies work to create and support diverse workplaces, Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are becoming more important than ever. Our speakers can support ERGs with their expertise, personal stories, and allyship.

Women in Tech ERG

Women in Tech

Emi Nietfeld: Software engineer, writer, and author of Acceptance

  • Bridging Engineering and Creativity — the false classist binary of “passion versus money”
  • Her story of enduring harassment while at Google, and the subsequent retaliation after reporting it

Susan Fowler: Author of Whistleblower

  • How companies can create safe spaces for open conversations
  • Being the hero of our own stories and taking power into our own hands to continue the fight for equality.

Ping Fu: Co-Founder of Geomagic, author of Bend, Not Break, Executive chairman of Gelsight

  • Promoting entrepreneurship and championing women in mathematics and sciences
  • The importance of resilience in the cutthroat world of start-ups

African American Employee Resource Group


Alora Young: Spoken word poet and author of Walking Gentry Home

  • Generational trauma, benefits of grieving through art, and adapting age-old traditions to the modern era
  • The power of performance and spoken word as the storytelling form of the future

Shaka Senghor: Author of Letters to the Sons of Society and Writing My Wrongs and leading voice on criminal justice reform

  • Envisioning a world where redemption and productive change are possible and encouraged
  • Unpacking the toxic and misguided messages about masculinity, mental health, love, and success

Asian American Employee Resource Group

Asian American Month

Dr. Simran Jeet Singh: Motivational speaker, author, and human rights activist

  • Sikh wisdom that can transform lives
  • How to avoid falling into the toxic trap of hate and anger

Cathy Park Hong: Award-winning poet and New York Times-bestselling author of Minor Feelings

  • The Asian American personhood
  • Bringing to light the racist ideologies, harmful ideas, and stereotypes that hold us all back from equality

Jean Kwok: Award-winning author of Girl in Translation

  • The American immigrant experience
  • The relationship between culture and language, and the impact of literature in translation

LGBTQAI+ Employee Resource Group


Jacob Tobia: LGBTQ+ rights activist, actor, and writer

  • Building a trans-inclusive workplace
  • The trauma of gender policing and the binary system of gender

Sarah McBride: Delaware State Senator, LGBTQ activist, and National Press Secretary for the Human Rights Campaign

  • Making the workplace a more safe and productive environment for all employees and expanding their employees’ knowledge base about diversity
  • Being on the frontline as one of the most prominent advocacy voices fighting for LGBTQ equality

Casey Gerald: Author of There Will Be No Miracles Here

  • Complex intersection of race, class, religion, queer sexuality, and masculinity
  • How to build a new foundation to sustain the richness of our differences