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Adventure and the Great Outdoors Speakers

From fearless voyagers to environmental pioneers, these author speakers inspire audiences with tales from the Great Outdoors, bringing the spirit of adventure to events.

AI + Technology Speakers

From artificial intelligence to cybersecurity, these speakers discuss the coming trends in technological innovation and explain what these advancements mean for society.

Bestselling Author Speakers

Some storytellers capture the attention of the nation. These “must-read” author speakers dominate bestseller lists, movie screens, book clubs, and conversations with their blockbusters.

Black History Month Speakers

These motivational author speakers discuss some of the most crucial topics relating to the Black American experience, including identity, inequality, national history, and popular culture.

Business + Management Speakers

As experts in their chosen fields, these business author speakers share real-world leadership experiences and clear-cut methods to transform and disrupt any industry.

Children's Author Speakers

Our beloved children’s author speakers bring the same enthusiasm, humor, and sense of wonder found in their books to the stage, inspiring audiences of all ages.

Christian Audiences

Offering fresh perspectives on meaning, mercy, and purpose, these Christian author speakers motivate and enlighten audiences of faith.

College + University Speakers

Engaging today with the world-changers of tomorrow, our college author speakers inspire students and faculty to foster dialogue on topics as diverse as the campuses they visit.

Comedy and Humor Speakers

Do you love to laugh? From comedians to humor writers, these witty author speakers will leave audiences rolling in the aisles.

Commencement + Convocation Speakers

Whether you are booking a speaker for your commencement or convocation, these speakers inspire students and the wider college community alike, offering advice and words of encouragement.

Company Reads Speakers

These speakers address values that matter to your organization firsthand, from leadership to diversity and inclusion. Learn more at

Culture + Arts Speakers

Deep thinkers, artists, and influencers comprise our roster of arts author speakers. They share what’s new, captivating, and currently influencing cultural conversations.

Current + Social Issues Speakers

In an ever-changing societal landscape, these author speakers share personal stories, insightful reporting, and imaginative narratives to illuminate our world.

Diversity + Inclusion Speakers

These diversity author speakers spark engaging conversations, challenge convention, and bring thoughtful nuance to the many topics in diversity and inclusion today.

Education Speakers

These education author speakers do more than build better schools: they build better lives. Their ideas and programs re-imagine our approaches to education for all, from infancy to adulthood.

Entrepreneurship Speakers

True pioneers of their respective industries, these entrepreneurship speakers discuss their business ventures and how determination and perseverance helped them navigate risks on the road to success.

Environment + Sustainability Speakers

Creating a sustainable future starts today. Our environmental author speakers share solutions for protecting the things that matter most—in our bodies and homes, on our plates, and in the natural world.

Film and TV Adaptation Speakers

Giving behind-the-scenes insights, these film and TV adaptation author speakers bring stories to life at the podium that we have come to love on the page and screen.

First-Year Experience Speakers

These First-Year Experience speakers build community among students while challenging, engaging, and inspiring them to start their college career with a fresh perspective.

Food + Nutrition Speakers

From urban farmers to home chefs, these author speakers share a passion for exploring the ways that food binds us to our land, our history, and one another.

Future of Work Speakers

These author speakers provide teams, organizations, and corporations a blueprint for returning back to the office, hybrid or otherwise. Their talks inspire company leaders to use strategies for a more inclusive workplace.

Healthcare + Medicine Speakers

Our expert healthcare author speakers share personal stories, in-depth research, and lessons from medical history to challenge conventionally held ideas about care, compassion, policy, and more.

Hispanic & Latine Heritage Month Speakers

From literary powerhouses to investigative journalists, these motivational speakers educate, connect, and inspire audiences on Latine and Hispanic experiences, including identity, culture, immigration, and popular culture.

History Speakers

Our historian author speakers illuminate the biographies of some of the most significant figures in history, revealing larger perspectives on the past so that we may better shape the future.

Innovation + Creativity Speakers

These creativity and innovation speakers deliver inspiring lectures that ignite ideas while also providing practical lessons for getting the most from your business and your life.

Jewish Audiences

These author speakers share personal stories and keen commentary to tackle issues relevant to Jewish culture, religion, tradition, and history.

Journalist Speakers

Our award-winning journalist speakers give behind-the-scenes insight into the stories shaping the news. Their vast experience, curiosity, and passion make for riveting and enlightening lectures.

Law and Ethics Speakers

From social justice to corporate ethics and beyond, these author speakers’ powerful storytelling demonstrates the perils of abandoning honesty and integrity for businesses, libraries, university audiences, and anyone committed to justice.

Leadership Speakers

This powerful group of author speakers knows what it means to lead. From CEOs to military officers to creative visionaries, they leave audiences with the knowledge and tools necessary to rise to any challenge.

Library + Community Reads Speakers

Our award-winning author speakers are favorites for libraries and community reads. Their compelling stories entertain audiences and ignite conversations that continue long after their events end.

Literary Fiction Speakers

Our thought-provoking literary fiction author speakers are masters of craft, innovation, and storytelling. They connect with audiences to provide an intimate glimpse into their writing process and inspiration.

MacArthur Fellow Speakers

These author speakers have been recognized with MacArthur "Genius" Grants for being at the forefront of their chosen fields.

Marketing + Sales Speakers

Today’s marketing and sales environment is constantly evolving. These marketing author speakers share their most up-to-date and effective tactics for sparking interest and closing the deal.

Military + War Speakers

Our military speakers offer inspired perspectives from their experiences on and off the battlefield. Their topics include first-hand war stories, in-depth examinations of both current and historical conflicts, and lessons on leadership and resiliency.


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Motivational + Inspirational Speakers

These motivational author speakers not only deliver uplifting messages of hope and survival but also provide practical ways to initiate positive change.

NEA Big Read Speakers

Since 2006, more than 4.8 million Americans have attended NEA Big Reads, a National Endowment for the Arts program. PRHSB is proud to represent author speakers whose works have been selected for the NEA Big Read library.

Parenting Speakers

Our roster of parenting author speakers deliver practical, real-world solutions to the problems modern parents and caregivers face every day.

Performing Arts Speakers

From Academy Awards-winning actors to Grammy-nominated musicians, these speakers captivate their audiences with entertainment, creativity, and innovation and are bound to elevate any event.

Poetry Speakers

From canonical greats to up-and-coming powerhouses, these poet speakers enlighten audiences with lyrical performances and inspirational looks at the writing process.

Politics Speakers

Our political author speakers dissect today’s big stories. These journalists, correspondents, historians, and politicians thoughtfully explore present-day issues and what’s to come on the world's stage.

Productivity and Time Management Speakers

These author speakers help audiences finally get to the bottom of their to-do lists with evergreen productivity and time management tips.

Pulitzer Prize-Winning Authors

From biographies to memoir, journalism to fiction, these Pulitzer Prize-winning author speakers have dedicated their lives to perfecting their craft, and are among our most celebrated writers today.

Religion + Spirituality Speakers

Our spirituality author speakers explore life’s biggest questions, pursuing the purpose and meaning found in religious and philosophical thought.

Science Speakers

Enlightening and accessible, our science author speakers explore health, medicine, the environment, and beyond to reveal the intricate connections between science and ourselves.

Social Justice Speakers

These author speakers challenge the status quo, fight for civil rights, and seek to transform the criminal justice system. Their talks reveal pathways to change and compelling visions for the future.

TED Talks Speakers

Bring the excitement of TED to your audience. These author speakers have captivated audiences from the TED stage and are leaders in the technology, creative, political, health, and social justice fields.

The Immigrant Experience Speakers

America is a nation of immigrants. These author speakers use their personal journeys, lyrical writing, and thorough reporting to bring crucial perspectives on the immigration experience to the podium.

Wellness Speakers

These health and wellness speakers are committed to inspiring and motivating audiences to improve their lifestyles.

Women's Interest Speakers

These author speakers inspire and empower audiences, bringing their unique perspectives to a diverse range of topics relevant to women’s interests.

Women's Rights and Advocacy

From reproductive rights to the #MeToo movement to gender equity, these female speakers are fierce advocates for women and girls. Learn more about booking your next speaker for Women's History Month, International Women's Day, and beyond.

Young Adult Author Speakers

Many people fondly remember a book or author that significantly impacted their life. These author speakers share their inspirations and personal stories to truly connect with young adult audiences.