Fresh Ideas for Corporate Events


These top experts are ideal speakers for your next corporate event. From globally sought-after visionaries to skilled entrepreneurs, these experts offer sharp insights and skills to audiences across industries. They share their knowledge in their new books that are perfect for all corporate audiences.

Scott Galloway

Bestselling author, serial entrepreneur

ScottGalloway Speaker


From bestselling author and NYU business school professor Scott Galloway comes an urgent examination of the future of our nation – and how we got here.

From the state of our democracy, the overreach of Big Tech, and our post-pandemic future, Scott Galloway offers a unique take on where we are headed and what it will take to keep up.

Seth Goldenberg

Entrepreneur, design visionary, and author of Radical Curiosity

Seth Goldenberg Top Speaker

Radical Curiosity

“This book is a new operating manual for humankind that everyone needs to read. It engages both your brain and your heart in wonder and possibilities.”—Ivy Ross, vice president of design for hardware, Google

Seth Goldenberg blends modern-day philosophy, business strategy, and design thinking to install curiosity within the very operating system of organizations and our personal lives.

Laura Vanderkam

Productivity expert

Laura Vanderkam Speaker

Tranquility by Tuesday

Vanderkam helps us prioritize our time for the ultimate goal— to be interested in our own lives.”
–Eve Rodsky, New York Times bestselling author of Fair Play and Find Your Unicorn Space

Laura Vanderkam shares nine strategies for building a resilient schedule and opportunities for joy, nourishment, and fulfillment.

Dr. Simran Jeet Singh

Motivational speaker, author, and human rights activist

Simran Jeet Sighn Speaker

The Light We Give

A wrenching examination of grief, memory, and reality . . .  Let this breathtaking novel roll over you in waves.”—Esquire

Dr. Simran Jeet Singh lays out how we can learn to integrate ethical living with personal happiness and offers a vision of hope that shows how each of us can turn away from fear, uncertainty, and anger and move toward renewal and positive change.

D.J. Vanas

Member of the Ottawa Tribe, author of The Tiny Warrior and host of the PBS special Discovering Your Warrior Spirit

D. J. Vanas Speaker

The Warrior Within

“In his thoughtful The Warrior Within, Vanas captures the essence of steadfast courage, self-discipline, and resilience that describes those among us who embody the true warrior spirit.”–General Stanley McChrystal, retired, author of Risk and Team of Teams

D.J. Vanas uses the principles of the Native American warrior spirit to develop visionary, action-oriented and resilient leaders.