Frequently Asked Questions

How does a speakers bureau actually work?

The Penguin Random House Speakers Bureau represents select speakers for paid speaking engagements. If you have a budget to bring a speaker to your venue, contact us and we will help you find someone in your price range. Once you’ve decided on a speaker, we will work with you every step of the way, from discussing the honorarium and travel terms, to issuing the contract, booking travel arrangements, and coordinating book sales.

What kinds of speakers do you represent?

The Penguin Random House Speakers Bureau represents a wide range of speakers, including bestselling authors, Nobel, Pulitzer, and Newbery Prize winners, scientists, journalists, historians, politicians, entertainers, and business leaders. No matter what the subject may be – leadership, motivation, health and wellness, creativity, diversity, or sustainability – our speakers deliver thought-provoking presentations to audiences at corporations, schools and universities, libraries, and industry conferences.

What types of events do you book for your speakers?

The Penguin Random House Speakers Bureau handles all types of speaking engagements, both public and private. Our speakers appear at Freshman Year Experience and Community Read programs, medical conferences, libraries, schools and universities, and corporations as well as at private clubs and associations. In addition to keynote lectures, our speakers present breakout sessions at conferences, student workshops, and retreats. No matter what you’re looking for, we can help create an event experience that is customized to your needs.

What if I want to book a speaker who is not on your roster?

The Penguin Random House Speakers Bureau can assist you with inquiries regarding authors not listed on our website. Even if the speaker you are looking for is outside the Penguin Random House family, we can help secure the speakers for your event.

If I don’t have a particular speaker in mind, can you give me suggestions?

We are happy to provide recommendations and can help you find the best speaker for your event in any price range.

How much will it cost to invite a speaker to lecture at my event?

We represent speakers in all price ranges. While every speaker has a standard fee, costs can vary based upon the length and requirements of the engagement. Venues are responsible for all travel expenses associated with the event. If you would like to request a certain speaker’s fee and travel requirements, please contact us directly. Or, if you’re working within a specific budget, we will be happy to suggest appropriate speakers for your event whose fees would meet those financial requirements.

How are travel arrangements made?

Travel to and from the event including ground transportation in the speaker’s home city will be booked by the Penguin Random House Speakers Bureau. Following the event, we will invoice you for these costs along with any out-of-pocket expenses incurred by the speaker. The host of the event is responsible for directly booking local hotel accommodation as needed, as well as for arranging for ground transportation in the event city.

Can the Penguin Random House Speakers Bureau provide materials to help us promote our event?

We are happy to coordinate with your press department and can provide you with speaker photographs, jacket images, and speaker biographies to facilitate your promotional efforts. Your bureau agent can also act as a liaison for interview requests from local media outlets.

Can you put me in touch with a speaker directly?

Due to privacy concerns, we cannot disclose our speakers’ personal contact information. Any personal communication you send to us, however, will be forwarded to the speaker.

Can we communicate directly with a speaker before the engagement?

Most speakers can make themselves available for a planning call with the event organizers once they’ve been booked for a speaking engagement. Our speakers always strive to deliver the most engaging and thought-provoking lecture possible. They realize that having a conversation with someone at your organization prior to the engagement may help them fine-tune their lecture to address your attendees specifically.

Can I order books for a signing following my event?

We consider book sales to be an important component of all our events, and our speakers will be happy to sign copies of their books following the lecture. We will help you bring in a local bookseller to sell at the event, or we can assist you in ordering books for your team to resell or giveaway.

Can we record the speaker’s lecture?

Please contact us if you’re interested in recording the speaker’s lecture. Sometimes the speaker will allow taping, but we must get permission from them prior to the event.

What if I don’t want to book an event, but would like to arrange a media interview with one of your speakers?

Please email us details of your request and state in the subject line of your email that it is a media request. We can pass along your request to the speaker’s publicist.

I am a speaker looking for representation. How do I become a part of the Penguin Random House Speakers Bureau?

We only represent a select group of Penguin Random House authors for speaking engagements. We accept speaker nomination forms from our in-house colleagues in the editorial and publicity departments.

Have more questions that weren’t covered in the FAQs? Contact us.