Notable Names for Your Community Reads Programs


Notable Names for Community Reads

Searching for a new book for your community reading program? These authors are all Community Reads favorites who entertain audiences while igniting conversations about identity, creativity, and the human experience. Unite your community with bestselling books, open dialogue, and compelling events with these beloved and experienced speakers.

Ta-Nehisi Coates

Ta Nehisi Coates Speaker Banner 1

  • Writes about the power of memory in the acquisition of freedom and liberation
  • Addresses harmful interpretations of history—and its erasure

Rebecca Makkai

Rebecca Makkai Speaker Banner 1

  • Discusses finding a balance between a good story and an honest story, and shares the lessons she learned about genre, suspense, and realism
  • Talks about techniques for researching lives unlike our own and creating characters with the respect they deserve

Celeste Ng

Celeste Ng Speaker Banner 2

  • Explores issues of cultural identity, gender relations, and the struggles faced by multicultural families
  • Engages in fireside chats about how Asian-Americans fit into conversations about race 

Michelle Zauner

Michelle Zauner Speaker Banner 1

  • Expresses how she reclaims her identity, language, and history through food
  • Examines complex relationships between family, heritage, grief, and creativity

John Green

John Green Speaker Banner 1

  • Takes a content-rich dive into history, technology, creativity, and ultimately, human existence
  • Reflects on the contradictions of the human experience