NEA Big Read Speakers

The NEA Big Read annually provides support to nonprofit organizations around the country to host community-wide reading programs around a single title. We are proud to represent these PRHSB authors…

What’s at Stake?

These speakers bring their unique perspective to the discussion and address what’s at stake for this election cycle.

Speakers on Activism

These speakers share stories and tips on how to get involved and make change in effective and sustainable ways..

Bridging the Divide

These speakers explore and share real strategies for bridging these differences by finding a language in which we can speak to one another and build a community around, and not despite, disagreement.

PRHSB Weekly News Round-Up: October 10

The PRH Speakers Bureau is proud to represent speakers who keep us connected and make powerful progress toward change. We’ve compiled these recent news articles, media, and essays from our speakers about the changing personal, political, and cultural landscapes.

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