Nurturing a Growth Mindset


After over eighteen months of dramatic changes to the way we work, organizations are prioritizing nurturing a growth mindset in their teams. Coined by researcher Carol Dweck, growth mindset is a frame of mind that suggests one can improve one’s ability and talent through practice, seeing failure as an opportunity to learn instead of an insurmountable roadblock. We are proud to represent these speakers who embody growth mindset in their areas of expertise, encourage continual improvement and critical feedback, and inspire audiences to take creative risks in order to grow.

Bill Burnett and Dave Evans

Co-authors of the #1 New York Times-bestselling book Designing Your Life 

Bill and Dave Pitch

Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin

Author of Becoming Heroines, activist, and founder and CEO of The Gaia Project for Women’s LeadershipElizabeth Cronise McLaughlin Pitch

Ed Catmull

Co-founder of Pixar Animation Studios, former president of Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios, and author of Creativity, Inc. 

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