February 2023: Speakers for Your Virtual Black History Month Event


The 2023 theme for Black History Month is “Black Resistance.” As we celebrate Black History Month this February, we look at how Black Americans have fought repression, inequality, and bias over the centuries. If you’re looking for a speaker to motivate, inspire, and educate your audience on the achievements, struggles, and diverse experiences of Black Americans, these amazing individuals can speak on their continuous fight against social injustice and for racial equality.


BHM History

Dr. Matthew Delmont: Expert on Black history and author of Half American

  • Highlights how Black celebrations (Martin Luther King Jr.’s Day, Black History Month, Juneteenth) honor the legacy of slavery, Black liberation, and Black history and should be studied and celebrated not only in February but all year round
  • Analyzes the history of Black Americans who fought bravely abroad in a segregated military during World War II, and returned home to battle white supremacy in America

Carlotta Walls LaNier: Youngest of the Little Rock Nine, civil rights advocate, National Women’s Hall of Fame inductee

  • Speaks on challenging the status quo, facing hostility and prejudice, and her fight for equality  
  • Talks about the lasting impact and the legacy of the Little Rock Nine

Social Justice

BHM Society

Dr. Jennifer Eberhardt: Award-winning social psychologist and one of the world’s leading experts on unconscious bias

  • Offers a profound look at the effects of implicit racial bias and how they shape actions and outcomes within the criminal justice system
  • Aims to combine social psychological insights with technology to implement strategies to combat ingrained stereotypes

Dr. Thomas Fisher: Emergency room physician and author of The Emergency: A Year of Healing and Heartbreak in a Chicago ER

  • Reveals the racial and wealth disparities in providing care, from wait times to accessibility
  • Pleads for structural reform that will better serve the community, especially for people of color 

Ian Manuel: Advocate for criminal justice reform, poet, and motivational speaker

  • Describes his firsthand experience of the abuses of the U.S. criminal justice system and the disproportionate impact of this system on young people of color
  • Shares the story of his redemption, including the hope and resilience he learned to cultivate through his art 


BHM Literature

Bryan Washington: Award-winning author of Lot and Memorial

  • Explores the intersection of being Black and queer
  • Challenges the norms in storytelling in traditional canon with queer narratives

Nicola Yoon: #1 New York Times bestselling author and National Book Award finalist

  • Diversifies the YA romance genre with Black representation 
  • Speaks on creating her imprint that is dedicated to telling stories with people of color as their heroes, each searching for love and living their lives on their own terms

Food and Culture

BHM Food

Maya-Camille Broussard: Netflix’s Bake Squad star and Owner of Justice of the Pies

  • Shares how she uses her bakery and role as a small business owner to advocate for people living with disabilities and food apartheid, especially in communities of color
  • Highlights the stories of the Black heroes outside the kitchen that inspired her mouth-watering recipes

Kwame Onwuachi: James Beard award-winning chef and Top Chef guest judge

  • Shares his heartful journey as a Black chef navigating the insular and often narrow-minded restaurant world
  • Showcases dishes that show the true diversity of American food and the African Diaspora