Starting the Conversation: Adolescent Mental Health


As typical social and academic interaction screeched to a halt last year, the pandemic began to exacerbate already declining mental health. According to insurance reports, the number of mental health claims for U.S. adolescents and young adults doubled during the pandemic. These powerful speakers educate audiences on the importance of mental health by advocating for adolescents, working to destigmatize mental health treatment, and demonstrating the transformative power of communication and storytelling.

Kristin Henning

Professor of Law at Georgetown Univeristy and author of The Rage of Innocence

Kristin Henning Pitch

Dr. Cara Natterson

Pediatrician, consultant, speaker, and author of Decoding Boys

Cara Natterson Pitch

Chanel Miller

Artist, activist, and author of the New York Times bestseller Know My Name

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