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Jedidiah Jenkins

Travel writer, environmental advocate, adventurer, and memoirist.

  • About Jedidiah Jenkins

    Many people dream about leaving their jobs to travel the world, but Jedidiah Jenkins is one of the few to turn this dream into a reality. Finding himself dissatisfied with his day-to-day life and eager to make a stronger connection with the natural world, Jenkins upended his life for the pursuit of adventure and personal fulfillment.

    Jedidiah Jenkins’s long journey was profoundly influenced by his parents, whose five-year walk across America was featured on the cover of National Geographic and documented in the bestselling books A Walk Across America and The Walk West. Following in their footsteps while carving a unique pathJenkins’s own bicycle trip took him from Oregon to Patagonia and saw him not only exploring the earth’s wonders, which he shared on Instagram with an eager base of followers, but also learning about himself.

    This experience is the subject of Jenkins’s memoir, To Shake The Sleeping Self: A 10,000-mile Journey from Oregon to Patagonia, and One Man’s Quest to Wake Up the Soul, an illuminating look at the impact travel can have on a person’s life, and a meditation on meaningful questions about purpose, authenticity, and meaning.

    Beyond his travels, Jedidiah Jenkins is committed to the natural world and passionately encourages enthusiasm in audiences for the vast possibilities that exploration and adventure hold. He’s involved in numerous conservation efforts, including acting as an Executive Editor at Wilderness Magazine, and co-founding Byta, a reusable, environmentally-friendly cup designed to disrupt a disposable industry and promote sustainability.

    Jenkins speaks to audiences around the country about his journeys through nature, inspiring them to not only appreciate their surroundings more but also to believe that a life defined by a sense of wonder and fulfillment is possible if one is willing to take a risk.

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  • Speaking Topics

    Choosing Passion Over Routine: a Path From Oregon to Patagonia

    At age 30, Jedidiah Jenkins left his job in order to become a professional adventurer, kickstarting his new job with an incredible 10,000 mile bicycle journey from Oregon to Patagonia. In this talk, he shares what he learned about human purpose and fulfillment during this life-changing trip with audiences seeking to infuse their own lives with wonder and excitement.

    Turning Daydreams Into Reality

    So many people dream of giving up their day-to-day life in pursuit of adventure, but Jedidiah Jenkins actually did it. In this talk, he shares how he built a business around travel and adventure, and gives practical advice to audiences on how they can transform their lives—and their careers—too.

    Journeying Beyond Tradition: Going from Evangelical to Inclusive

    Jenkins's journey from a rigid Southern Baptist upbringing into a rich and inclusive philosophy of God took him 14,000 miles to Patagonia and left him with lessons for all of us.

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  • Praise for Jedidiah Jenkins

    Praise for Like Streams to the Ocean

    It’s rare to find the level of honesty and authenticity that Jenkins brings to his audience. In a world of constant noise, his storytelling is piercing in an almost familiar way. He’s managed to home in on that single idea that we all relate to and truly make you feel a part of the experience. This is the type of storytelling the world needs more of.

    Chris Burkard, award-winning photographer, author of At Glacier’s End

    Like Streams to the Ocean is as inviting, wide-ranging, and philosophical as an all-night conversation with a best friend, and as revealing and thought-provoking as the diary of a curious adventurer.

    Sasha Sagan, author of For Small Creatures Such as We
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