Updates from our Speakers on Social Distancing and the COVID-19 Pandemic


As the world reckons with the COVID-19 pandemic, we wanted to share some of these experts’ articles in the hopes of keeping everyone as informed as possible. We are all looking for the most relevant information about the current crisis and some of our speakers are on the front lines of that journalism and science. We wish all of our clients safety and health as we navigate the coming months.

Priya Parker

Facilitator, strategic advisor, and author of The Art of Gathering

Priya Parker on How to Be Together Apart in the Time of Coronavirus | The New York Times

Carl Zimmer

New York Times columnist and award-winning science journalist

Carl Zimmer on How Coronavirus Hijacks Your Cells | The New York Times

Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha

Physician, scientist and activist who exposed the Flint water crisis

Dr. Mona: Shut down bars, restaurants, theaters and restrict air travel

Dr. Sheri Fink

Pulitzer Prize-winning medical journalist and author of Five Days at Memorial, M.D. and Ph.D. from Stanford

Sheri Fink on Why President Trump Changed His Tone on the Coronavirus | The New York Times

Howard Markel, M.D.

Medical historian, M.D., journalist, and award-winning author

Howard Markel: Will Mass Quarantines Slow The Spread Of Coronavirus? | WBUR

Matt McCarthy

Physician, researcher, ethics professor, and author of Superbugs

The looming superbug crisis: Politics, profit, and Big Pharma | Big Think

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