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Kashmir Hill

Technology journalist reporting on AI and privacy

  • About Kashmir Hill

    Kashmir Hill’s coverage of the intersection of privacy and technology pioneered the genre. As a technology reporter at the New York Times, she dives into the myriad ways our devices have infiltrated our personal lives, and how we can avoid the looming tech dystopia. Just how much of our personal data is for sale? How can we maintain our privacy? And is it even possible to avoid Big Tech? Hill approaches all of these questions with a reporter’s curiosity and immersive, boots-on-the-ground research.

    Her personable, eye-opening talks bring audiences inside her research, where she often uses herself as a human guinea pig in experiments on the intersection of technology and privacy. A talented speaker who has spoken at TED, Aspen Ideas Festival, and numerous universities and events, Hill reveals the extent to which we are tracked by the Big Five—Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft—and how users can prepare themselves for a future in which anonymity is an increasingly impossible pursuit.

    Kashmir Hill’s book, Your Face Belongs to Us, is a gripping true story about the rise of Clearview AI, the ground-breaking startup behind radical person-finding technology that giants in the field, including Google and Facebook, had deemed taboo. Hill was skeptical when she got a tip about a mysterious app that claimed it could identify anyone with 99 percent accuracy based on just one snapshot of their face and, within seconds, surface every detail of a person’s online life: their name, social media profiles, friends and family members, home address, and photos that they might not have even known existed. If it were everything it claimed to be, it would be the ultimate surveillance tool, opening the door to everything from stalking to totalitarian state control. Your Face Belongs to Us serves as an urgent warning that, in the absence of vigilance and government regulation, Clearview AI is one of many new technologies that challenge what Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis once called “the right to be let alone.”

    Before the New York Times, Kashmir Hill worked and wrote for several publications, including Gizmodo Media Group, Forbes, The New Yorker, The Washington Post, Popular Science, Above the Law, and many others. She has degrees from Duke University and New York University, where she studied journalism. In 2018, she received the Technology in Journalism Award from the National Press Foundation for her work on “The House That Spied On Me,” along with her cowriter, Surya Mattu.

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  • Speaking Topics

    The Rise of AI and the End of Anonymity

    Powerful facial recognition, combined with artificial intelligence and an internet full of our pictures, means that it is now easy not just to put a name to a face, but also to link a person to their digital dossier and private information. As individuals, governments, and businesses increasingly adopt AI-based technology, it will present privacy challenges, but also opportunities. In this talk, Kashmir Hill helps audiences prepare for that future, and explain how the lessons we’ve learned from the adoption of facial recognition are a preview of what will happen with
    generative AI.

    The Inescapable Power of Big Tech

    In 2019, Kashmir Hill embarked on a radical—and surprisingly complicated—experiment when she blocked the "Big Five" (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, and Apple) from her life for six weeks. In this talk, she explains how these five Big Tech companies took over our lives, revealing the unseen ways users rely on—and are tracked by—them every day.

    My Life as a Tech Guinea Pig

    Kashmir Hill has lived on Bitcoin, been spied on by her smart home, worked as an invisible girlfriend, and stalked her husband using Apple AirTags. She's found that the best way to explain how technology is changing our lives is by immersing herself in it, gonzo-style. This entertaining talk is full of fun anecdotes that illuminate our modern relationship with technology.

    When A Stranger Decides To Destroy Your Life

    A real estate agent had one brief exchange with a complete stranger in a Facebook comment section. That stranger destroyed her online reputation, causing havoc for her business. It's a scenario that happens all too often. What can you do when your world is turned upside down by online slander? Kashmir Hill shares her reporting on the "Slander Industry," and advice on what its victims can do to offset the damage.

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