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Charlie Warzel

Award-winning technology reporter and co-author of Out of Office

  • About Charlie Warzel

    Charlie Warzel is an award-winning journalist who helps audiences to make sense of our current digital moment, analyzing technology and media in a time of intense upheaval and cultural change. We may be on the cusp of truly transformational technological advances, like deep-learning AI—but there’s reason to be skeptical of some futurism buzzwords.  Warzel delivers up-to-the-minute, powerful talks about the constantly changing tide of technology, the concerning increase in online disinformation, and the future of work for workers and employers alike.

    In Out of Office: The Big Problem and Bigger Promise of Working from Home, Charlie Warzel and his co-author, Anne Helen Petersen, use groundbreaking reporting and the authors’ own experiences to show how workers and employers across the country and the world are finding new ways of working in more productive, sustainable, and fulfilling ways. Warzel and Petersen emphasize the importance of taking what we have learned from working during the pandemic and using it to create long-term benefits for workers and employers.

    As the authors make clear, there is another, more sustainable path forward for work that goes beyond long commutes and packed schedules. Combining key research with compelling and often hilarious personal stories of their own lives, Out of Office aims to reshape our entire relationship to work and cultivate a work-life balance that improves our lives and communities.

    Charlie Warzel also writes the newsletter Galaxy Brain, which analyzes technology, media, and culture for The Atlantic. Previously, he was a writer-at-large for the New York Times Opinion page. Warzel was the lead writer of the Times’ Privacy Project and co-author of ‘One Nation Tracked,’ a seven-part investigative series on smartphone location tracking, for which he was named a finalist for the 2020 Livingston Award for National Reporting.

    Before the Times, he was a senior technology writer at BuzzFeed News, covering technology’s biggest platforms, disinformation, and information warfare. He was the recipient of a 2019 Mirror Award for his reporting on Facebook’s privacy struggles. Warzel has appeared on various news shows to discuss his reporting, including CNBC and PBS NewsHour. He lives in on an island off the coast of Washington state.

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  • Speaking Topics

    Galaxy Brain: Understanding our Digital Future

    We’re living in a time of intense upheaval and social change. While societal threats loom large, so do massive technological advancements—and we may very well be on the way of truly transformative change. There’s good reason to believe our near future looks a lot less like the past than we’re used to. How can organizations stay agile? Digital politics and technology expert Charlie Warzel helps audiences makes sense of our digital moment and how it affects our lives, from the metaverse to crypto to Web 3 to deep-learning AI.

    The Future of Work is Flexible

    The future of work isn’t completely remote, or completely in-person, or whatever difficult, exhausting situation you endured during the pandemic. The future of work is flexible: in location, but also in the blocks of time we dedicate to the job. That flexibility has the potential to make the workforce more inclusive than ever: to people with child and eldercare responsibilities, for people outside of major urban areas, to women and disabled workers and people who, forever whatever reason, do their best work when not tethered to an office desk for a set number of hours every day. Building on hundreds of interviews with “knowledge” workers, managers, and CEOs from different sectors, this talk will focus on rethinking the building blocks for a resilient, productive, and engaged workforce. This talk can be specifically catered to your organization’s specific needs, profile, and growth areas.

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  • Praise for Charlie Warzel


    We loved having Charlie present on the future of work at the Young, Smart and Local conference. Not only was he engaging, the content of his speech was enlightening.

    Action Greensboro

    Praise for Out of Office

    If you believe there’s a better way to live than refreshing your work email until you close your eyes at night, you’ll appreciate this deep dive into how workers relate to the office.

    —Angela Haupt, Washington Post

    Based on a historical review of workforce expectations, journalists Warzel and Petersen focus on four key areas for strategic change to improve working conditions, employee satisfaction, and wellness… Prior to the pandemic, worker burnout, transience, and dissatisfaction were culminating in a call for change. The pandemic and remote-work chaos heightened awareness of the need for change, the returnto work now occurring provides the opportunity, and this book provides a roadmap.

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