Building Stronger Leaders


Inspiring leadership helps create work environments where everyone can thrive and succeed together, from assistants to the C-Suite. These trailblazing experts and thought leaders speak on how to unleash creativity, champion diversity, equity, and inclusion, and cultivate better workplace cultures to prepare organizations for the challenges that lie ahead.

Ed Catmull

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As the co-founder of Pixar Animation, Ed Catmull is a highly respected figure in the business and creative worlds. An innovator in technology, entertainment, and leadership, Catmull dives into what makes creative people tick, exploring how to unlock hidden barriers to creativity, prepare for unknown problems, and uncouple fear and failure. His classic guide to management principles, Creativity, Inc., has just been re-released as a new expanded edition to illuminate the continuing development of Pixar’s unique corporate culture.

Priya Parker

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Priya Parker teaches companies and groups to rethink and rebuild a post-pandemic approach to gatherings. She offers a bold and research-driven approach to empower organizations in developing a hybrid meeting and event culture that equally engages those back in the office, and those employees permanently working from home.

Ruth J. Simmons

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Ruth J. Simmons is a nationally recognized trailblazer in higher education. Raised by sharecroppers in the highly segregated American South, she became the first Black president of an Ivy League university—now, she shares the wisdom she has earned on her remarkable journey. In powerful and profound talks, Simmons shares advice on how to encourage open-mindedness, promote leadership, break barriers, and fight against systemic injustice.

Eric Holder

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The first African American attorney general and an esteemed civil rights leader, Eric Holder shares candid anecdotes from his time in government with wit and humbling humor. He brings one-of-a-kind insight on leadership issues that include conflict resolution, collaboration, finding focus, and leading through controversy and uncertainty.

Bent Flyvberg

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A leading expert on megaprojects, Bent Flyvbjerg has identified the universal drivers of project failure and success. Speaking with executives and project management leads across industries, he shares the researched-based principles and secrets to ensure success for any ambitious, complex project on any scale.