Big Trends, New Speakers

Big Trends, New Speakers
Meet the impactful and visionary speakers new to our roster who are helping companies, associations, and event planners re-imagine leadership, gathering, creativity, and the future of work.

Scott Galloway

Marketing Professor at NYU Stern, bestselling author, serial entrepreneur

Scott Galloway Speaker

  • Provides an outlook on the economic future and speaks on post-Corona opportunities
  • Offers a unique take on the state of our democracy, the overreach of Big Tech, and our post-pandemic future

Paco de Leon

Personal finance expert and author of Finance for the People

PacodeLeon Speaker

  • Promotes financial literacy through hand-drawn artwork and illustrations to help audiences better understand complex financial concepts
  • Teaches young professionals the ins and outs of financial planning 

Seth Goldenberg

Entrepreneur, design visionary, and author of Radical Curiosity

Seth Goldenberg Top Speaker

  • Helps companies build and use curiosity for ambitious long-term value creation
  • Explains the Great Resignation and its effects on everything from the employee experience to the customer experience to global supply chain

Marissa Mullen

Founder of That Cheese Plate

Marissa Mullen Speaker

Sara Hendren

Design researcher and author of What Can A Body Do?

Sara Hendren Speaker