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Priya Parker

Facilitator, strategic advisor, and acclaimed author of The Art of Gathering

Jason De León

Anthropologist, professor, and author of The Land of Open Graves and Soldiers and Kings
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Programming Ideas

Book to Screen Adaptations: Memorable Events and Experiences

From hilarious, heartwarming series to gripping documentaries and major motion pictures, these speakers’ books have been the inspirations for some of the most talked-about adaptations.

Priya Parker on Glennon Doyle’s Podcast: How to Host a Magical Gathering

On Glennon Doyle’s podcast We Can Do Hard Things, Priya Parker discussed how to create deeper relationships and redefine the way we connect

Celebrate Native American Heritage Month with these Speakers

Celebrate Native American Heritage Month with these speakers that offer further insights into the remarkable history, culture, and present day of Native Americans.

Book Your Speakers for Black History Month 2024

The 2024 theme for Black History Month is African Americans and the Arts – a celebration of Black Americans’ rich contributions to literature, film, music, visual arts, and more. We are proud to represent speakers whose unique insights will inspire and educate your audience.

Reading Together: Library Programs for Parents and Children

Library programs are great opportunities for parents and children to bond over reading together. These amazing speakers’ books are enjoyed by audiences of all ages. In their engaging workshops, entertaining…