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Robert B. Reich

Former Secretary of Labor, economist, and New York Times-bestselling author
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Programming Ideas

Congratulations to Bryan Stevenson of the Equal Justice Initiative

Congratulations to Bryan Stevenson and the Equal Justice Initiative on today’s history-making opening of the Legacy Museum and National Memorial for Peace and Justice. Designed to show how our nation’s history of…

Meet Kory Stamper | Lexicographer and Author of Word by Word

Kory Stamper’s debut book Word by Word, is based on her lifelong love of language and her almost 20 years as a lexicographer and editor for Merriam Webster. In Stamper’s hands,…

Our Speakers on The New York Times Bestseller List for 5/20/2018

The Penguin Random House Speakers Bureau is thrilled that each week many of our speakers are on The New York Times Bestseller List.