Happy Fourth of July!

Celebrate by spending some time discovering speakers whose work highlights our country’s history and the people and events that have ultimately shaped the fascinating place it is today. From our…

New speakers join the Speakers Bureau!

The Penguin Random House Speakers Bureau is thrilled to announce that Jill Lepore and Rebecca Mead have joined the bureau as exclusive speakers! Both staff writers at The New Yorker,…

Hanna Rosin on “The Overprotected Kid”

In April 2014 The Atlantic ran a cover story by writer Hanna Rosin on “The Overprotected Kid”. The story has been one of the most read and commented articles to…

Let’s go to the movies!

There’s nothing quite like the anticipation of waiting to watch a movie adaptation of one of your favorite books. As the lights dim in the theater and the previews come to…

Neil Shubin uncovers the story of life on Earth

In April 2014, PBS aired the three-part series Your Inner Fish, based on Neil Shubin’s bestselling book. In the series, Shubin embarks on a modern-day detective story, uncovering the story…

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Praise for Speakers

  • About Cheryl Strayed

    What an absolute delight it was hosting Cheryl at our college. She couldn’t have been classier – she made the students feel completely at ease even though they were meeting their ‘idol.’ She was warm, compassionate, articulate and really listened to them. And of course the public interview and book signing was a huge success. Cheryl stayed until the very last person in the line got his book signed and even gave everyone a hug before she got back in her car.

    —Los Medanos College

  • About Charles Duhigg

    My team and I really enjoyed his presentation. He is a phenomenal speaker and was able to captivate the Bloomberg audience. His passion for the topic really translates into the audience and everyone picked up on his enthusiasm. I really like the way the prezi complemented his speaking style. I was a little worried that there might be too much prezi and not enough Charles but I was wrong—it was the perfect balance.


  • About Zach Wahls

    Zach is beyond his years and has a gift at moving others beyond theirs.

    —Joe Colburn

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