Planning First-Year Reading Programs

Over the past few weeks, many of our speakers have been traveling to college campuses around the country to participate in first-year reading programs (FYE). Every year, we are thrilled…

HBO’s Olive Kitteridge wins six Emmy Awards

Congratulations to our speaker Elizabeth Strout! HBO’s miniseries Olive Kitteridge, based on Strout’s Pulitzer Prize-winning fiction collection, dominated the 2015 Emmy Awards.

Top TED Talks

Our speakers tell powerful stories and many have shared their big ideas on the stage of TED conferences and local TEDx events. Prepare to be inspired…

Summer Reading for Young Adults

School’s out! That means there’s more time for summer reading. Our authors are excited to talk with students about what they read over the summer and ready to facilitate conversations…

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Praise for Speakers

  • About Charles Duhigg

    The session was fantastic! Our attendees were still talking about it this morning. Many were surprised that a reporter could be such a natural speaker!  He was the best I have ever worked with. And I’ve been doing this a long time. He called me yesterday and we talked for quite a bit. He really took the time to understand who he was going to talk to and because of that was really able to connect with our attendees. It made an impact. It has been great to hear people talking about their very different take aways. People were really able to pick up on the cues (ha!) that mattered for their particular profession. Which is hard to do considering that he wasn’t talking to a room full of just attorneys or just therapists.  And the book signing went well. We sold out of books!!!  Thanks so much. It has been a pleasure every step of the way

    —Family Firm Institute

  • About Dr. Shimi Kang, M.D.

    Dr. Kang has spoken to our student body, as well as to our parents and faculty members.  Dynamic, engaging and personable, she is able to bridge the gap between theory and practical application, sharing numerous anecdotes drawn from her own family life, as well as her clinical practice.  She also does an excellent job of fielding questions and of tailoring her presentation to meet the needs of a particular audience.

    The Dolphin Way should be compulsory reading for every parent and educator.  Drawing upon a wealth of recent research and insights from her clinical practice, Dr. Kang provides invaluable advice on how we can avoid the extremes of both ‘tiger parenting’ and ‘jellyfish parenting’ in order to ensure that our children grow up to be balanced, responsible, successful and happy adults.  This is a book infused with wisdom from beginning to end.  My only regret is that it hadn’t been published 20 years ago when I was struggling as a new parent!

    —Saint George’s World School for Boys

  • About Pico Iyer

    The event was a great success, all thanks to Pico’s brilliance, great generosity, and kindness…[He] was animated, eloquent, and targeted the theme of the Humanities Center –”Home”– better than anybody who has come this year to lecture at Lehigh. His lecture was approachable and easy to follow, and at the same time had a profound intellectual depth. During the Q&A he addressed everybody with kindness and was able to answer with insight to every single question…Many members of the audience came to me afterwards to express their gratitude for having brought Pico to campus and told me how much they had enjoyed the lecture.

    —Lehigh University

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