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Taylor Jenkins Reid

New York Times bestselling author of Malibu Rising and Carrie Soto is Back

‘Daisy Jones & The Six’ Author Taylor Jenkins Reid on why Authority Isn’t Read | Reese’s Book Club
  • About Taylor Jenkins Reid

    Taylor Jenkins Reid is the New York Times-bestselling author and screenwriter of books that explore love in all its complexity. She writes and speaks candidly about women’s issues, relationships, marriage, and her ambitious writing process.

    Her latest #1 New York Times bestselling novel, Carrie Soto Is Back , is part of her powerful quartet probing the lives of famous women.  In this riveting and unforgettable novel about the cost of greatness, a legendary athlete attempts a comeback when the world considers her past her prime. Inspired by Serena’s Grand Slam singles titles record, Taylor Jenkins Reid continues to craft dynamic, exciting story with memorable characters that resonates with audience of all ages.

    Reid’s previous novel, Malibu Rising, is a New York Times bestseller that follows the four famous Riva siblings who throw an epic party to celebrate the end of the summer. The events of the night in 1983 reveal the many secrets that shaped this family’s generations, and the Rivas lives change forever. With her beloved, signature style, Reid writes a powerful story of historical fiction that explores fame, family, identity, and the impact of secrets unraveled. Malibu Rising was a #ReadWithJenna book club pick and is set to be adapted as a Hulu television series.

    Her novel, Daisy Jones & The Six (another New York Times bestseller), details the history of a fictional rock band from the 1970s and what led to their rise to and fall from fame. In addition to writing the novel, Taylor Jenkins Reid also wrote the lyrics for each song featured in the book. Before its publication, the novel was picked up by Reese Witherspoon for her monthly book club, and by Hello Sunshine, Witherspoon’s production company, for an Amazon limited television series starring Riley Keough. Daisy Jones was named one of the best books of 2019 by several media outlets, including NPR, The Washington PostEsquireGlamourReal SimpleGood Housekeeping, Marie Claire, and more. The audiobook has also received critical acclaim and was named one of Apple Books’s Best Audiobooks of 2019.

    Taylor Jenkins Reid is also the author of the acclaimed novel, The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo (also a New York Times bestseller), which follows the story of a fictional Hollywood icon and her glamorous life and marriages. An adaptation of Evelyn Hugo is currently in development.

    Her other books include One True Loves, which has been turned into a movie with Reid co-writing the screenplay with her husband Alex Jenkins Reid, Maybe in Another LifeAfter I Do, and Forever, Interrupted. Reid’s novels have been Indie Next picks and have been featured in PeopleUS WeeklyEntertainment WeeklyGood Morning America, Goodreads, and more.

    Taylor Jenkins Reid lives in Los Angeles.

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  • Speaking Topics

    Why I Write About Famous Women

    Why are we fascinated by, and vitriolic toward, famous women? And how do we treat them differently from famous men? Taylor Jenkins Reid’s fascination with legendary women and the way the media cover them inspired her to shift the narrative by giving these women voices. In this dynamic talk, Reid examines the conversation around female celebrities and challenges the notion that celebrity gossip is shallow or uninteresting. By introducing unique observations on fame and gender, Reid emphasizes that fandom and gossip reflect our society’s moral fixations in surprising ways.

    Creating Evelyn Hugo and Daisy Jones & The Six

    The research and influence behind the creation of The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo and Daisy Jones & The Six are stories in their own right. In writing these sweeping tales, Taylor Jenkins Reid drew inspiration from remarkable actresses and legends from film and music history. In this lively talk, Reid explains the behind-the-scenes process of writing her historical fiction novels; how she created the movie star Evelyn Hugo as an amalgamation of many of the biggest stars mid-century and how she created Daisy Jones & The Six to be a world famous rock band by researching and drawing inspiration from 70s rock, examining media coverage of celebrity couples, and becoming a first-time songwriter herself. Reid also shares the experience of seeing her book Daisy Jones & The Six come to life with Hello Sunshine's adaptation of the book (currently in production), giving an author’s perspective of the casting and musical creation of the show.

    How to Research Your Story

    When writing her last two historical fiction novels, Taylor Jenkins Reid undertook lengthy research processes to make her stories true-to-life. Drawing from her extensive experience, Reid takes writers of both fiction and nonfiction through the process of researching for a book and provides profound knowledge about what makes a good story feel true to the reader. With shrewd advice and tangible tips, Reid sheds light on how to create authenticity in anything you write.

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  • Praise for Taylor Jenkins Reid

    Praise for Carrie Soto is Back

    Reid captures the excitement of elite sports in her descriptions of Carrie’s games, as well as the struggle that women athletes face when their ambition and confidence is ‘too much.’ It’s another triumph for bestselling author Reid, and her growing number of fans . . .

    Booklist (starred review)

    Gorgeous . . . The kind of sharp, smart, potent book you have to set aside every few pages just to catch your breath . . . I’ll take a piece of Carrie Soto forward with me in life and be a little better for it.

    Emily Henry, author of Book Lovers

    Reid . . . draws on the lives of actual tennis pros (think Serena, Sharapova) to build a world of believable rivalries and intrigue infused with the whiplash suspense of a nail-biting tennis match.

    People (Book of the Week)

    The books in Reid’s famous women quartet stand alone. . . . But each of the books centers a vibrant protagonist managing the tensions between her glamorous life in the public eye and the pressures she feels in private . . . with Reid meticulously collecting minute yet meaningful details to help build immersive worlds. . . . In detailing Carrie Soto’s evolving feelings about her tennis career, Reid underlines the toll that living under that kind of pressure can take.


    Carrie Soto [Is Back] . . . is like other sports novels in which underdogs punch, volley, bat and birdie their way to victory or additional defeat, but it goes beyond this to explore sexism and racism in the tennis world in the 1990s. . . . This novel will grab you.

    The Washington Post

    Praise for Malibu Rising

    Reid delivers a breathtaking, epic family novel.

    Marie Claire

    Taylor Jenkins Reid soars with Malibu Rising.

    Associated Press

    If summer could somehow fit into a book, then you’d find it in Malibu Rising.

    Oprah Daily

    Taylor Jenkins Reid sure knows how to tell a story. . . . It’s an unforgettable book about an unforgettable night.


    High drama at the beach, starring four sexy, surfing siblings and their deadbeat, famous-crooner dad. It’s like the 1983 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue came to life, but with a plot. Irresistible.


    Malibu Rising isn’t merely a window into fame and wealth. Reid is exploring how strong family bonds can overcome tragedy, financial hardship and sibling rivalry. Sometimes, they can even set you free.

    Minneapolis Star Tribune

    There’s an impeccable sense of balance in Taylor Jenkins Reid’s Malibu Rising, a natural order in which every action meets its equal and opposite reaction. . . . Reid’s sense of pacing is sublime as she introduces and dispenses with a revolving door of characters to approximate the chaos of a rager where sloshed A-listers couple up in the closets and waiters pass trays of cocaine.

    The Washington Post

    Malibu Rising will be the sought-after book of the summer.

    Booklist (starred review)

    It’s 1983 in Malibu, and the famous Riva siblings are hosting their annual end-of-summer party—a legendary affair. By morning, the house is in flames, a blaze fueled by smoldering secrets and long-simmering drama. [Taylor Jenkins] Reid has once again crafted a fast-paced, engaging novel that smoothly transports readers between decades and story lines.

    The Washington Post

    Reid unfurls a fast-paced and addictive story. . . . This page-turning indulgence hits the spot.

    Publishers Weekly

    Praise for Daisy Jones & the Six

    Backstage intrigue is the engine of Daisy Jones & The Six. . . . [A] celebration of American mythmaking.


    Each character is compelling but Daisy Jones is the star. She’s a blazing talent who is unapologetic in her sexuality and lives life on her own terms. . . . Like a poignant song with lyrics that speak to your soul, Daisy Jones & The Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid will transport you to another place and time.

    Associated Press

    Reid’s wit and gift for telling a perfectly paced story make this one of the most enjoyably readable books of the year.


    Wildly delicious.

    Entertainment Weekly

    This stylish and propulsive novel, presented in the form of an oral history, explores the ascent of a (fictional) hard-partying, iconic 1970s rock band. It reads like the transcript of a particularly juicy episode of VH1’s ‘Behind the Music.’

    The New York Times Book Review (Editors’ Choice)

    Daisy Jones & The Six is just plain fun from cover to cover. . . . Her characters feel so vividly real, you’ll wish you could stream their albums, YouTube their concerts, and google their wildest moments to see them for yourself.


    [A] juicy tell-all-style page-turner.


    Evocative . . . brilliant.


    Reid’s novel so resembles a memoir of a real band and conjures such true-to-life images of the seventies music scene that readers will think they’re listening to Fleetwood Mac or Led Zeppelin. Reid is unsurpassed in her ability to create complex characters working through emotions that will make your toes curl.”

    Booklist (starred review)

    Reid delivers a stunning story of sex, drugs, and rock ’n’ roll in the 1960s and ’70s in this expertly wrought novel. Mimicking the style and substance of a tell-all celebrity memoir . . . Reid creates both story line and character gold. The book’s prose is propulsive, original, and often raw.

    Publishers Weekly (starred review)

    An insightful story.

    Kirkus Reviews

    Reid is a stunning writer whose characters are unforgettable and whose stories are deeply emotional. . . . Her most gripping novel yet.

    Emily Giffin, author of All We Ever Wanted

    Reid’s writing is addictive and all-consuming. Filled with passion, complexity, and fascinating detail, Daisy Jones & The Six felt so real, I had to remind myself that it was fiction.

    Jill Santopolo, author of The Light We Lost

    From the very first page you know this book is something special. Taylor Jenkins Reid brings insight and poetry to a story that’s utterly unique and deeply authentic, one that transports you to world of seventies rock—with all its genius and temptation and creativity—so completely it feels like you’re there.

    Katherine Center, author of How to Walk Away

    Raw, emotive, and addictively voyeuristic, Daisy Jones & The Six is imbued with the same anguished heart that fuels the very best rock ‘n’ roll. Like my favorite albums, this book will live with me for a very long time.

    Steven Rowley, author of Lily and the Octopus

    Praise for The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

    Riveting, heart-wrenching, and full of Old Hollywood glamour, The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo is one of the most captivating reads of 2017.


    A novel of Old Hollywood that's simultaneously gossipy and poignant. Look no further for the glamour, ambition and shocking secrets your beach-blanket sessions demand.


    Come for the glam old Hollywood vibes; stay for a touching tale of a young reporter and a silver-screen legend.


    In her mesmerizing tale, Taylor Jenkins Reid explores Hollywood’s heyday with a heroine akin to Elizabeth Taylor. Movie icon Evelyn Hugo, now a recluse at 79, unfurls the story of her glamorous life and her scandalous seven marriages.

    Us Weekly

    The epic adventures Evelyn creates over the course of a lifetime will leave every female reader mesmerized. This wildly addictive journey of a reclusive Hollywood starlet and her tumultuous Tinseltown journey comes with unexpected twists and the most satisfying of drama.


    If you're looking for a book to take on holiday this summer, The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo has got all the glitz and glamour to make it a perfect beach read — as long as you're prepared to cry off all your sunscreen, because this book gets *emotional*. Each of Evelyn's marriages comes with its own hurt and heartbreak, from infidelity and betrayal to domestic abuse. But running throughout Evelyn's tumultuous life is one great love that will leave you sobbing into the pages.


    The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo is more than escapism fiction sweeping its audience back to an era when show biz glamour danced with real-life intrigue, romantic entanglements and perceived impropriety. With memorable characters rivaling any Hollywood blockbuster, Taylor Jenkins Reid marries themes of loyalty, betrayal, friendship and love into a soaring, fast-paced and gripping performance. It leaves readers asking if they are merely role-playing with those they love or being true to an authentic self.

    Shelf Awareness, starred review

    [The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo] is fascinating, emotional and will be hard to put down. For fans of Taylor Jenkins Reid, this is her best work yet.

    Associated Press

    A spellbinding novel about love, glamour and the price of fame.

    Emily Giffin, New York Times bestselling author of First Comes Love

    In her latest mesmerizing tale, Reid transports readers back to Hollywood’s heyday with a heroine in the likes of — but more intriguing than — Elizabeth Taylor, Zsa Zsa Gabor and Katherine Hepburn. Yes, Evelyn Hugo is the glamorous idol you admire, but she’s also the relentless fighter you aspire to be. Her life’s story is heartbreaking, yet beautiful and will keep readers captivated until the very last page.

    Jamie Blynn, Us Weekly

    The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo is the total package: the very best of Classic Hollywood intrigue, a delicious twist, and incisive commentary on the wages of stardom, especially for women.”

    Anne Helen Petersen, BuzzFeed culture writer and author of Scandals of Classic Hollywood

    Reid’s characters will enchant readers as they travel through the glitz and glamour of Old Hollywood and the truths they both must confront.

    Real Simple

    Taylor Jenkins Reid is the queen of queens when it comes to beach reads, and this breathtaking treat proves once again the throne is hers alone.


    Addictive, dazzling and bound to leave you in tears (classic Taylor Jenkins Reid), The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo should be your No. 1 reading priority this summer.


    Leave it to Taylor Jenkins Reid to keep readers captivated, from the first page to the last. With a parade of lovable characters and unputdownable plot, The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo should top every reading list this summer.

    Working Mother

    A cinematic tale with hardscrabble roots, staggering highs and sickening lows. The novel reads like a celebrity tell-all, and this makes it delicious. But it's also got heft, because Hugo's story is one of overcoming adversity, racism and sexism to get to the top. She fails, falls, triumphs and learns difficult lessons about the things that really matter. With this riveting novel, Reid has created an exceptional character with the wherewithal to take on the patriarchy.

    Globe and Mail

    A big, juicy read…Reid expertly captures the hothouse nature of Hollywood…the story is fresh, and the end reveal is worth the wait.

    Historical Novel Society

    This sweeping tale is about an aging Hollywood starlet and the rookie magazine reporter she hires to pen her breathtaking (and scandalous) life story. Trust us: You’ll be swooning over the twist for months.

    Brit & Co.

    Jenkins has crafted another tale sure to appeal to fans of women’s fiction, Susan Meissner, and Beatriz Williams.

    Library Journal

    Evelyn Hugo is a character who can demand top billing...Reid's heroine reveals her darkest secrets as if she were wiping off makeup at the end of the night—a celebration of human frailty that speaks to the Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor in us all.

    Kirkus Reviews

    Reid knows how to tug at heart strings with unusual tales of finding real and lasting love...the reader [will be] captivated by old Hollywood glamour, intriguing and complex characters, and Reid’s unsurpassed ability to leave her audience reaching for a hankie. An utterly unique take on what truly makes a family.


    The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo has big, juicy secrets at its heart-- not just about the surprising identity of movie star Evelyn Hugo's true love, but of the lengths she has gone to protect that mysterious lover. Brimming with heartache, betrayal, and a lifetime of Hollywood gossip, this raucous novel will seduce you even as it leaves you wanting more.

    Miranda Beverly-Whittemore, New York Times bestselling author of Bittersweet and June

    A glamorous romp through Hollywood in its heyday, Taylor Jenkins Reid’s latest offers up several unexpected twists and a dazzling, ambitious movie star who will break your heart.

    Fiona Davis, author of The Dollhouse

    Evelyn Hugo makes Liz Taylor seem pedestrian. Taylor Jenkins Reid has drawn a rich, emotionally complex heroine who is so real that you'll forget she only lives in the pages of a book. This is an utterly compelling dance with love and tragedy, sometimes both at once; you'll laugh with Evelyn, cry with her, ache with her, and then go back to page one and do it all over again.

    Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan, authors of The Royal We

    Anyone who appreciates old Hollywood glamour will want to check this one out.

    Praise for One True Loves

    Earth-shaking romance…you will flip for this epic love story.


    A breathtaking love story.


    Taylor Jenkins Reid is seriously a genius when it comes to stories about life and love, and this book promises to be another awesome addition to her collection.


    The mastermind behind the incredible summer read.


    So compelling...Reid is so talented at creating characters you believe in.

    Associated Press

    Reid does such a good job of leading us through Emma’s emotional journey – I was as ambivalent as she was for a while, and then really invested in the ending. There’s some pretty deep truths in this, too.


    [Reid] is so skilled at creating complex, likeable characters that you’ll find yourself struggling to root for one man over the other.

    Real Simple

    …Taylor Jenkins Reid is the reigning queen of summer reads.


    Reid has penned a gut-wrenching yet upbeat story about love and life…A sure bet for fans of romantic women’s fiction.


    Dripping with drama and tension, we’re beyond obsessed with this delicious read.

    Sunset Magazine

    I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see who Emma would give her heart to.

    First for Women

    Praise for Maybe in Another Life

    If you’re dying for a perfect beach read … Maybe in Another Life by Taylor Jenkins Reid.

    The Purist

    Readers looking for a romance with a twist won't be disappointed.

    Library Journal

    Reid makes you think about love and destiny and then shows you the what could have been; I loved every word. A heartfelt, witty and scintillating journey from one parallel universe to another; Maybe in Another Life takes the concept of fate and makes it tangible and engrossing; I couldn't put this book down!

    Renee Carlino, USA Today bestselling author

    Entertaining and unpredictable; Reid makes a compelling argument for happiness in every life.

    Kirkus (starred review)

    Praise for After I Do

    Written in a breezy, humorous style familiar to fans of Jane Green and Elin Hilderbrand, After I Do focuses on Lauren’s journey of self-discovery. The intriguing premise and well-drawn characters contribute to an emotionally uplifting and inspiring story.


    Taylor Jenkins Reid offers an entirely fresh and new perspective on what can happen after the "happily ever after." With characters who feel like friends and a narrative that hooked me from the first page, After I Do takes an elegant and incisively emotional look at the endings and beginnings of love. Put this book at the top of your must read list!"

    Jen Lancaster, New York Times bestselling author

    Taylor Jenkins Reid delivers a seductive twist on the timeless tale of a couple trying to rediscover love in a marriage brought low by the challenges of domestic togetherness. I fell in love with Ryan and Lauren from their passionate beginning, and I couldn’t stop reading as they followed their unlikely road to redemption. Touching, perceptive, funny, and achingly honest, After I Do will keep you hooked to the end, rooting for husbands and wives and the strength of true love.”

    Beatriz Williams, New York Times bestselling author

    As uplifting as it is brutally honest—a must-read.


    Taylor Jenkins Reid writes with ruthless honesty, displaying an innate understanding of human emotion and creating characters and relationships so real I’m finding it impossible to let them go. After I Do is a raw, unflinching exploration of the realities of marriage, the delicate nature of love, and the enduring strength of family. Simultaneously funny and sad, heartbreaking and hopeful, Reid has crafted a story of love lost and found that is as timely as it is timeless.

    Katja Millay, author of The Sea of Tranquility

    Praise for Forever, Interrupted

    Touching and powerful...Reid masterfully grabs hold of the heartstrings and doesn't let go. A stunning first novel.

    Publishers Weekly, starred review

    A moving novel about life and death.


    You'll laugh, weep and fly through each crazy-readable page.


    Forever Interrupted weaves a beautiful love story with a terrible tragedy. Told in alternating timelines, each chapter progresses sequentially from two different arcs: one of a blooming, forever love and another of overcoming a sudden, inexplicable loss. Each storyline moves effortlessly and seamlessly through the connected stages, while also emphasizing the strengthening of old friendships and the forging of new ones. Whether told in past or present voice, Reid’s debut is a superb read from start to finish!

    Romantic Times

    Moving, gorgeous and, at times, heart-wrenching. Taylor Jenkins Reid writes with wit and true emotion that you can feel. Read it, savor it, share it.

    Sarah Jio, New York Times bestselling author of The Violets of March

    Taylor Jenkins Reid has written a poignant and heartfelt exploration of love and commitment in the absence of shared time that asks, what does it take to be the love of someone's life?

    Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus, New York Times bestselling authors

    Sweet, heartfelt, and surprising, Forever Interrupted is a story about a young woman struggling to find her way after losing her husband. These characters made me laugh as well as cry, and I ended up falling in love with them, too.

    Sarah Pekkanen, author of The Best of Us

    This beautifully rendered story explores the brilliance and rarity of finding true love, and how to find our way back through the painful aftermath of losing it. These characters will leap right off the page and into your heart.

    Amy Hatvany, author of Heart Like Mine
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