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Nicholas Wade

Freelance writer and former science reporter for The New York Times

  • About Nicholas Wade

    Nicholas Wade is a British-born scientific reporter, editor, and author who currently writes for the Science Times section of The New York Times. His book Before the Dawn received a 2007 Science-in-Society Journalism Award.

    Wade worked for Nature, a weekly scientific magazine based in London, from 1967 to 1971, becoming deputy editor and Washington correspondent. In 1971 he joined the news staff of Science, a weekly scientific journal published in Washington, and in 1982 became a member of the editorial board of The New York Times, writing editorials on science, health, the environment and military technology.

    He was science editor of The New York Times from 1990 to 1996, and was a science reporter at the Times from 1997 to 2012.

    Wade is the author of several books, including The Ultimate Experiment, The Nobel Duel, Betrayers of the Truth (written with William J. Broad), A World Beyond Healing, Lifescript, Before the Dawn, and The Faith Instinct.

    He was born in 1942 in Aylesbury, England, and educated at Eton and King’s College, Cambridge. Wade received a BA degree in natural sciences in 1964.

  • Speaking Topics

    Nicholas Wade speaks on topics covered in his books

    - Human evolution from 50,000 years ago until the present day
    - The biological basis of race
    - The evolution of religion

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  • Praise for Nicholas Wade


    Nicholas was received very well. In particular, I think that many of our science students appreciated thinking about how scientists communicate via science writers to the public-a question that our science students no doubt have not thought much about at this point in their education. It was a pleasure working with you and Nicholas.

    Lanethea Mathews, Director, Center for Ethics, Muhlenberg College

    Both of Nicholas’s events were excellent. It was especially nice to have him address the themes of our program so directly and nicely. Understandably, many speakers will give the talk they want to give (or always give), but Nicholas very generously spoke directly on the subjects we wanted him to. His talk prompted lots of very animated discussion, not only among students, but also from members of the local community who attended the talk.Thanks for all your work in making this possible.

    Bruce Wightman, Director, Muhlenberg College 2010 Center for Ethics Program

    Praise for Before the Dawn

    Timely and informative.

    The New York Times Book Review

    Praise for The Faith Instinct

    It is a rare book that will be read as eagerly by religion's defenders as by its detractors. Building on his rightly-admired Before the Dawn, Nicholas Wade has written just such a book.

    Jack Miles, author of God: A Biography
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  • Nicholas Wade travels from New York, NY

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