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John Wang

Leadership Coach, Founder of Mastery Academy, author of Big Asian Energy (2025)

  • About John Wang

    Born in Taiwan, John Wang immigrated to Canada as a child and credits his childhood with his focus on performance psychology and personal development. Certified in various fields like neurolinguistic programming and performance coaching, Wang founded the education business Mastery Academy, a successful professional coaching program whose students go on to graduate and work at companies like Google, Microsoft, and American Express. Wang is also the founder of the nonprofit organization, OneKindness Challenge, a movement that inspires people to perform one act of kindness every day.

    Called one of the “Leaders of Tomorrow” by Richmond News in British Columbia, Wang also worked as a market research interpreter for major corporations and organizations like Volvo, Mastercard, HSBC, and UNICEF, where he began to unpack the communication and cultural gaps that exist between societies. He noticed that millions of talented Asian American and underrepresented employees are left unseen for their leadership potential because they’ve been culturally conditioned to work hard and keep their heads down.  This can lead them to burn out quickly and/or quit suddenly without explanation, hurting themselves and the companies they work for.

    Wang personally understands the stress of toxic overachievement and perfectionism. And after 15+ years of experience teaching and coaching Asian American overachievers, he has identified the seven most common patterns that cause employees to hold themselves back. He leads workshops, talks, and support groups to help audiences overcome their people-pleasing patterns and “hidden overachievers” get seen and recognized for their inner brilliance.

    Using practical, evidence-backed techniques on mindset and communication, Wang encourages teams and individual employees to create solutions so they can step into greater confidence, leadership, and empowerment. His book Big Asian Energy comes out in 2025.

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  • Speaking Topics

    From Invisible to Unstoppable: How to Get Recognized for Your Brilliance

    How many "hidden overachievers"—including those in underrepresented groups like women and minorities—are under- or un-recognized for their performance and talent by their employers? How many potential leaders and stars remain undiscovered because they’re afraid to speak up for themselves and no one else is advocating for them? In this keynote, John Wang shares studies that demonstrate why many hidden superstars are leaving companies or feeling under-recognized for their work, and how to empower them to step into leadership. He also offers tangible techniques for those future leaders to embrace authentic leadership and self-advocacy principles that will help them shine.

    Seven Habits Holding You Back At Work

    In this empowering talk, Wang exposes the seven subconscious patterns that often drive our behaviors and cause us to hold back in the workplace. He shares a powerful framework on assertiveness, competence, and empathy that teaches audiences how to bridge existing gaps in communication to help them and their teams gain recognition for their valuable contributions.

    Breaking the Bamboo Ceiling: Breakthrough Techniques for Leadership

    In this keynote, Wang reveals the five myths surrounding Asian American professionals and the struggles they encounter due to differing cultural experiences and backgrounds. He also discusses how to navigate boundaries at work in a way that helps create better connection and how recognizing and identifying patterns of self-sacrifice early on can prevent employees from falling into patterns of burnout.

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