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Liz Tran

Executive Coach and Founder of Reset

  • About Liz Tran

    Liz Tran is the founder of Reset, a modern learning company that helps CEOs and founders build high-performing teams and create growth-mindset corporate cultures. Using her experience from a decade of leadership in the venture capital and tech industry, she has designed and led workshops for employees of all levels. Tran has worked with companies like Facebook, Instagram, Outdoor Voices, and the Ford Foundation, and her transformative work has been featured in the New York Times, The New Yorker, Bloomberg, and Fast Company, among other publications.

    In her book The Karma of Success: Spiritual Strategies to Free Your Inner Genius  and in her keynotes, Liz Tran explores how to find career success through a spiritual tool kit that is based on ancient sources wisdom like Zen, Reiki, the Tao, and Buddhism. She speaks to a new world where perks and prestige have taken a back seat to values and meaning, and offers a fresh and timely playbook for reaching one’s greatest potential. She grounds her lessons in the Four Pillars of Spiritual Strategy—inquiring inward, manifesting mindfully, enriching your energy, and becoming brilliant. Drawing on these spiritual strategies for creativity, performance, and mind-body resilience, Tran speaks on how to bring our entire (and best) selves to work. Tran cautions us against approaching our careers with a “mechanical work” mentality (following the prescriptions given by peers, colleagues, and society) that often leads us to becoming overworked, burnt out, and unfulfilled. Instead, she advocates for “intuitive work” (following our inner voice or gut feeling) to find success, happiness, and fulfillment in both our professional and personal life. A big believer in post-work, Tran provides concrete takeaways that employees can practice beyond the workshops to continue building a foundation for personal growth.

    Liz Tran is also the host of the popular podcast Reset with Liz Tran. The podcast brings her knowledge to a broader audience, offering life-affirming lessons that are applicable and relatable to everyone, from CEOs to college students. In each episode, she brilliantly balances deep introspection with clear, actionable suggestions to help reframe perspectives and improve mindsets. Speaking to college campuses, Tran is an inspirational mentor, sharing her own unconventional career path and the personal failures she faced pursuing her goals. Drawing from life lessons learned, she equips students with the skills and confidence to face any obstacles.

  • Speaking Topics

    Inner Genius: Turning up the Volume on our Talents and Ideas

    Every person is born with an Inner Genius. It's the part of everyone that is responsible for breakthrough ideas, innovative problem-solving, and high-quality thinking. When the Inner Genius is activated, people not only produce their best work, they are energized by the process. In this keynote, Liz Tran walks through the history of the Inner Genius concept and provides inspiring coaching frameworks to help audiences connect with their own Inner Genius. These concepts are the "8 Motivators," "The Competence Quadrant," and the "Strength Scale." Together, they allow audiences to explore their own values, preferences, and assets at work and reconnect with their own Inner Genius.

    Mission, Meaning, and Purpose at Work

    Layoffs, reorgs, burnout, or career fatigue—employees are often faced with big challenges at work. How can leaders help teams recalibrate? And how can teams work together to (re)define what it means to be happy at work? In this interactive and impactful talk, Liz Tran helps teams rebuild connection, community, and resilience in order to find purpose and motivation in their work. Using techniques such as the “Life Wheel”, Tran teaches teams how to build on areas that make them feel fulfilled and identify those areas leading to fatigue and burnout.

    Pressing the Reset Button: In-Person Workshop for Teams

    This workshop is ideal for retreats, offsites, conferences, and other interstitial moments when employees are in need of a morale boost. Executive coach, Liz Tran, shares the frameworks and tools she uses with her clients, CEOs and founders of fast-growing companies, to help them recharge, reconnect to their motivation, and hit the reset button so they are ready and excited to jump into new goals and challenges. The concepts shared in the talk include the 8 Motivators, The Competence Quadrant, and the Strength Scale.

    The Agility Advantage

    Employees and companies are facing persistent change at a rate they never have before. With advances in technology and AI, market shifts, and geopolitical instability, exponential change is the new normal, and this means that leaders and teams alike must learn a new super skill for today's world: AQ, or Agility Quotient. In this keynote, Liz Tran defines this essential modern intelligence and shares three concepts and tools for improving one's AQ and mastering change, uncertainty, and the unknown, including The Ways of Change, The Four Levels of AQ, and The ABLE Toolkit.

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    Thank you to Liz Tran for being such a gracious and exceptional speaker. The feedback from Liz’s sessions has been incredibly positive. The audience was deeply engaged and resonated with each stimulus. Liz brought a vibrant and energizing energy to the day and has amazing stage presence. The audience engagement was executed perfectly, bringing an interactive and dynamic feel to the day—really bringing the audience in.

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