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Joanna Barsh

McKinsey Director Emeritus, author (How Remarkable Women Lead and Centered Leadership) and leadership developer

“Can Women Fix Capitalism?” Joanna Barsh at Google Zeitgeist
  • About Joanna Barsh

    Joanna Barsh is the Director Emeritus of the Leadership Development Program at McKinsey and Company. With over 30 years of experience in the consulting industry, Joanna has spoken about leadership at the Fortune Most Powerful Women events, Deutsche Bank’s Women on Wall Street, and delivered keynotes and seminars at companies such as Google, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, Novartis, and Wal-Mart. Her groundbreaking research on women and leadership anchored The Wall Street Journal’s Women in the Economy Task Force.

    Her latest book, Centered Leadership: A Practical Field Guide for Leading with Positive Impact, Fulfillment, and Resilience, is based on in-depth video interviews with over 160 men and women leaders globally. The book’s personal stories and related insights reveal the magic that happens when the five elements of Centered Leadership—meaning, framing, connecting, engaging, and energizing—are put to work.

    A strong advocate for women, Joanna Barsh has been a New York City Commissioner on Women’s Issues since 2002 and a trustee of Sesame Workshop (formerly known as the Children’s Television Workshop) since 1994. In addition, she is on the International Council of Women’s Business leadership’s subcommittee on leadership, which is piloting Centered Leaderhip in Brazil, the Philippines, and Sweden.

  • Speaking Topics

    Moving Mountains Quickly: The Centered Leadership Project

    Based on ten years of research and dozens of training programs globally, this lecture equips audiences with a tool kit of practices based on the five dimensions of Centered Leadership:

    Meaning: finding and using strengths on a path to living into one’s leadership vision

    Framing: learning to manage feelings and actions in difficult situations to lead in one’s most resourceful state

    Connecting: developing relationships, forming communities and cultivating sponsors in service of one’s vision

    Engaging: stepping up to challenges and opportunities, taking risks and actions

    Energizing: managing one’s energy through recovery and renewal practices

    This program is available as a keynote lecture, workshop, or longer program upon request.

    How Remarkable Women Lead

    In this lecture, Barsh offers a hopeful outlook and unique ideas about success. It’s the new “right stuff” of leadership, teaching participants self-awareness and their power to choose, offering practical take-aways and a road map to positive impact.

    This program is available as a keynote lecture, workshop, or longer program upon request.

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  • Praise for Joanna Barsh

    Praise for Centered Leadership

    Many have tried to define the common characteristics of leadership, but few have applied the rigorous, research-based approach that Joanna Barsh takes in Centered Leadership. The result is a book that is both authoritative and actionable.

    Dan Doctoroff, CEO & President of Bloomberg L.P.

    Praise for How Remarkable Women Lead

    How Remarkable Women Lead offers some interesting ideas, such as learning to frame events in a positive light and to adapt to setbacks with optimism rather than self-doubt and pessimism. But some of the book's interviews with top executives—like Avon's Andrea Jung, Xerox's Anne Mulcahy and former Qantas chairman Margaret Jackson—are long on platitudes and short on the details of how these business leaders handled various challenges.

    The Wall Street Journal

    We are always looking for new perspectives on growing great women leaders. How Remarkable Women Lead is a great read, with real insights and actionable ideas! The inspiring stories give an intimate look at how remarkable women really get things done, providing a development model valuable to both women and men. This refreshing and action-oriented book stands out!

    Susan P. Peters, Vice President, Executive Development and Chief Learning Officer, General Electric
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