Looking Ahead to Campus Conversations in Fall 2021


PRHSB proudly represents a roster of speakers who spark conversations on campuses nationwide, enhancing students’ learning experiences and broadening perspectives with their unique expertise. With some campuses returning to in-person learning this fall and others remaining hybrid or remote, these speakers cater to all learning environments by addressing the most current topics on students’ minds. Read on for more about each speaker and their work, as well as some upcoming speaker events that may interest your team!


Brittany K. Barnett is an award-winning attorney and entrepreneur. Renowned for working on Alice Marie Johnson’s legal team in a case that brought Kim Kardashian West to the White House, Barnett has devoted her career to transforming the flawed American criminal justice system and our understanding of incarceration. She speaks openly about her dedication to challenging and dismantling life sentences in prison for federal drug offenses, as well as the critical intersection between entrepreneurship and transformative justice.

Emily Bernard is a professor of American Studies at the University of Vermont specializing in the complicated history of race and racism in American culture. In her powerful essay collection, Black is the Body, Bernard reflects on blackness, whiteness, and the personal connections that can bridge racial divides. Bernard discusses her evolution as a storyteller, as well as the role of the classroom and personal relationships in the larger project of understanding the past, present, and future of race.

Dr. Michele Harper has worked as an emergency room physician for more than a decade. As a Black woman in an overwhelmingly white and male profession, Dr. Harper is passionate about the persistent societal issues that impact patients and providers alike. In her memoir, The Beauty in Breaking, and her talks, she weaves personal stories of trauma and resiliency into an ode to service and healing and emphasizes the importance of dismantling bigotry on a personal and structural level.