Jacob Tomsky: Inside the Hospitality Industry


Jacob Tomsky

After a decade of working in every facet of hotels, from parking cars, cleaning rooms, and hustling guests for tips at the front desk, Jacob Tomsky is a true expert on the ins and outs of hospitality. He is the author of the New York Times bestselling memoir, Heads in Beads. With humor, wit, and authentic anecdotes, Tomsky appeals to hospitality and travel professionals and offers a unique perspective on the future of these multibillion-dollar industries.

Praise from Clients

“Jacob Tomsky was a big hit and extremely well received at our event. The audience was captivated by him and found him highly entertaining and funny. The conference was composed of folks who work in the hospitality industry so his specific insight was especially appreciated and acknowledged.”
—Public Relations Society of America (PRSA)

“Charming, witty, entertaining, approachable, and generous – a spectacular combination!”
—President, Table-to-Table

Speaking Topics

Inside the Hospitality Industry: Humans, Computers and what the Future Holds
While some predict a completely computerized hotel of the future, Jacob Tomsky defends the future of a human fueled hospitality industry. Why? Because there is one thing you cannot do to a robot or a smart phone application: complain to it. In this witty and dynamic lecture, Tomsky gives an overview of the hospitality as a whole – where it stands now, where it is headed, and why the hotel of the future will always need a person behind the desk.

Behind the Front Desk
If you think you know the hospitality business, then Jacob Tomsky is here to tell you what’s left to learn. How horrible it is, how beautiful it can be, and just what it takes to get a room upgrade. Filled with anecdotes of crazy encounters with celebrities like Kid Rock, Cathy Griffin, and Paris Hilton, this lecture offers insider tips and tricks to those looking to enhance their hotel stay – vacationers and business trippers alike.