Exciting New Voices


PRHSB is proud to represent these exciting new voices in both fiction and nonfiction. From award-winning authors to sought-after experts in their fields, these speakers bring wide-ranging perspectives on diversity, creativity, and leadership that are perfect for audiences of all kinds. Please join us in welcoming these new speakers to the PRHSB roster!


New Speakers K Ming and Tess

K-Ming Chang: Novelist, poet, and author of Bestiary

  • Delves into folklore as futurity, allowing us to world-build, probe possibility, and blur the lines between the cosmic and the personal
  • Explores the process of writing family narratives, examining the idea of “family” as a framework for survival, history, agency, and reclamation

Tess Gunty: National Book Award-winning author of The Rabbit Hutch

  • Discusses her spellbinding debut novel—the ideas within it, the inspiration behind it, and the experience of publishing it
  • Speaks on why she finds it essential to reclaim neglected regions of America


New Speakers Jenny Katherine Theresa John

Jenny Odell: New York Times-bestselling author of How to Do Nothing and Saving Time

  • Combines research spanning sociology, ecology, geology, economics, and cultural history to explain the dominant ways in which we perceive time
  • Draws on her years as an artist and arts educator to approach these questions with a wide range of examples, with a special emphasis on digital and machine-mediated works

Katherine May: New York Times-bestselling author of Wintering

  • Shows how fostering our enchantment can help us to engage with our values, reconnect with our communities, and create a way of life that’s worth saving
  • Explore the roots of their burnout, and develop strategies to live more sustainably in the future

Theresa MacPhail: Medical anthropologist and author of Allergic

  •  Guides audience on a journey to answer some of the most pressing questions about the global epidemic of allergic diseases
  • Offers insights on how to fail and why she believes learning how to fail is more important than learning how to be happy

John Hendrickson: Staff Writer for The Atlantic, author of Life on Delay


New Speakers Bent Liz Neil

Bent Flyvbjerg: Oxford professor, economist, global megaproject expert, and author of How Big Things Get Done

Liz Tran: Executive Coach and Founder of Reset

  • Teaches the audience how to fill up the balance on their confidence account so they can deal with any situation
  • Provides tools to aid the audience with reviving their Inner Genius and harness their intuition to make wise and powerful decisions

Dr. Neil A. Lewis, Jr.: Behavioral scientist and researcher

  • Discusses a systematic approach for diagnosing how organizations fall short in their DEI goals, and how to generate solutions
  • Reflects on lessons learned from researching social aspects of the pandemic and evaluating the unequal effects of pandemic-relevant policies