Cybersecurity expert Marc Goodman on the Risks and Rewards of Artificial Intelligence


With the growing popularity of tools like ChatGPT, it’s no surprise employees and companies are adopting generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) at unprecedented rates. Indeed, GenAI and machine learning have numerous benefits already being applied across industries, including healthcare, education, financial services, manufacturing, government, and tech. But organizations are frequently using GenAI without understanding its underlying risks.

In addition, cybercrime groups are early and eager adopters of AI technology, exploiting its capabilities with cunning ingenuity. According to Juniper Research, businesses around the world will lose nearly $10 trillion dollars to data breaches by the year 2025.

So how can we prevent or mitigate these threats and make sure generative AI is used responsibly and ethically in our organizations? How do we balance harnessing the innovation and value of AI with safeguarding the data and trust of our customers, clients, and staff?

Global cybersecurity expert Marc Goodman tackles the opportunities and pitfalls of utilizing AI in the workplace and offers crucial strategies to keep organizations and their employees and clients safe in the process. Contact us to book Marc to speak about the following topics at your next employee event, client meeting, or conference.

Risks and Rewards in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) has the potential to revolutionize business and society and unleash a wave of innovation, productivity, and wealth never before seen in our world. So it’s no surprise employees and companies are adopting tools like ChatGPT at unprecedented rates. But to reap the rewards of GenAI, it’s critical to understand its underlying risks, such as data hallucinations, automated bias, deep fakes, and copyright threats. In this fascinating new talk, Marc Goodman walks audiences through the pros and cons of generative AI in an easy-to-understand format. He offers unique strategies for leveraging the innovation and great promise of AI securely, responsibly, and ethically so as to prevent or mitigate the wide array of risks AI can pose to companies, their customers, employees and to society at-large.

The Future of Financial Crime: AI, Deep Fakes and CrimeGPT

Financial fraud is on the rise, and transnational criminal networks are innovating faster than industry and government can keep up. Crime groups have been early and eager adopters of artificial intelligence and are using its capabilities with cunning ingenuity, from launching precisely targeted AI-generated phishing attacks to cryptojacking and deep-fake enabled biometric impersonations. In this eye-opening presentation, Marc Goodman explains how these technologies are being leveraged to create vast networks of fraudulent identities and shell accounts to infiltrate company networks and target their assets and employees. He also shares the latest intelligence on criminal tradecraft in the world of financial crime, including a thought-provoking analysis of what companies must do with AI to protect and defend their businesses and customers from widespread losses going forward.

Building a Culture of Cybersecurity

Every day in the news, there is story after story of a major cyberattack. Surprisingly, employees themselves may unwittingly be putting their organizations at increased cyber risk, as 95% of security incidents involve human error, according to IBM Security. In this highly engaging and entertaining presentation, Marc Goodman reveals how to take your organization’s weakest security links (people) and turn them into your greatest strength. A vigilant and informed workforce can vastly improve your company’s cybersecurity, and a human firewall must be a top priority. Goodman will teach your employees how to protect themselves first, and thus your business, from existing and emerging threats, including the latest AI-generated risks.

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