New Speakers

Chanel Miller

Artist, activist, and author of the New York Times bestseller Know My Name

Suzanne Simard

Leader of The Mother Tree Project and Professor of Forest Ecology
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Programming Ideas

Building the Future of Work

These speakers offer unique ideas and actionable steps for building the future of work in finding a rhythm with a newly hybrid team, striking a balance between professional demands and personal lives, and championing diversity, equity, and inclusion in a hybrid work environment.

Navigating the Hybrid Office

These speakers are perfectly poised to speak to your organization about navigating the hybrid office in a way that creates a positive, equitable, and friction-free transition for employees at every level.

Looking Ahead to Latinx Heritage Month

For Latinx Heritage Month, we are honored to spotlight these storytellers, scholars, and journalists who offer critical context for Latinx identity in all its facets. Their talks inspire audiences with thorough analysis and moving anecdotes of heritage, community, and personhood.

Looking Ahead to Campus Conversations in Fall 2021

PRHSB proudly represents a roster of speakers who spark conversations on campuses nationwide, enhancing students’ learning experiences and broadening perspectives with their unique expertise. With some campuses returning to in-person learning this fall and others remaining hybrid or remote, these speakers cater to all learning environments by addressing the most current topics on students’ minds.