Neil Shubin uncovers the story of life on Earth


In April 2014, PBS aired the three-part series Your Inner Fish, based on Neil Shubin’s bestselling book. In the series, Shubin embarks on a modern-day detective story, uncovering the story of life on Earth.

Neil Shubin is an enlightening and accessible speaker, and has delivered keynote addresses and lectures at universities, associations, and museums across the country. A recent lecture at Cameron University in Lawton, Oklahoma earned Neil Shubin great praise from a riveted audience:

“Neil has, without a doubt, changed the lives of many of our students here. His passion and enthusiasm for science and people shines through with every interaction, and students who were star struck to meet him left with an appreciation of him as both the best in his field as well as a genuine, down-to-earth, wonderful human being. The subject matter was easily understood, and both humor and facts were interspersed throughout. I sincerely felt like everyone left with a better appreciation of the process and importance of finding, extracting, and identifying fossils, no matter their background. I can honestly say that I’ve never seen a speaker who was more entertaining or more engaging for an audience.”

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Neil Shubin

Evolutionary biologist and discoverer of the “Missing Link,” and author of Your Inner Fish and The Universe Within