Ken Segall on the Power of Simplicity


Complexity is a side effect of civilization—and that’s not necessarily a good thing. Having worked very closely with Steve Jobs—as his ad agency director at NeXT and Apple—Ken Segall has established himself as an expert on the power of simplicity. In his new book, Think Simple, and his compelling keynotes, Segall offers exclusive insights from business leaders around the world.

We recently sat down with Ken Segall in our video studio to discuss how smart leaders across the world and from various industries are defeating complexity. Asked whether a company needs a Steve Jobs if it is going to successfully simplify, Segall said: “I think any company that wants to simplify needs to have a champion. In the case of Apple, obviously, it was Steve Jobs. But it doesn’t have to be the CEO or president, it could be a manager of whatever, but someone has to be the one who stands up for simplicity and fights against complexity.”

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Ken Segall

Former Ad Agency Creative Director for NeXT and Apple, author of New York Times bestseller Insanely Simple and Think Simple

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