Disaster-Proof your Email with Will Schwalbe and David Shipley


In today’s cybersecurity landscape, it’s not a matter of if a company will be hacked—it’s a matter of when. And as recent headlines have demonstrated, you can do much more damage through email than accidentally hitting “reply all.” Sending the wrong email could mean delivering the wrong information into the hands of hackers, and—as we learned from the infamous 2016 hack of the Democratic National Committee’s email server and the 2014 hack of Sony Picture’s computer infrastructure—no one is immune. Speed and simplicity have made email a major method of communication, but it has been handicapped by its ubiquity; since everyone already uses email, no one thinks to teach its best practices.

Enter Will Schwalbe and David Shipley. In Send: Why People Email So Badly and How to Do It Better, their bestselling guide to email for office and home, they dispensed essential advice for readers navigating the world of electronic communication. Now, they speak to corporate audiences about how to proactively protect themselves and their companies from the avoidable fallout of inevitable cyberattacks.

“We believe people can get themselves into terrible trouble on email, but they can also do it better. You can really change your life by emailing better,” says Will Schwalbe. Mass hacks have changed the game, leaving every email we’ve ever written subject to exposure: what was once a remote possibility is now a fact of digital life. And barring a giant technological fix, the best we can do is write better emails. In their entertaining, engaging, and crucial talks, Schwalbe and Shipley teach teams to write “hack-proof emails” that won’t embarrass you should they appear on the front page of your hometown newspaper or on WikiLeaks, and help you make sure your workplace has useful strategies, guidelines, and defenses in place before you need it.

The rules of better email haven’t changed, but the world has. The lessons that Shipley and Schwalbe share are now more important than ever.

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Speaking Topics

Disaster-Proofing Your Emails
Shipley and Schwalbe give companies and teams a strategy for protecting themselves online. The stakes could not be higher; every time someone sends an electronic message, they may be putting their team’s future and their personal reputation at risk. From teaching how to be discrete about important information to discerning what communications should really be taken offline entirely, Shipley and Schwalbe teach workforces the best precautions to take when communicating over email.

Send: How to Email Better
From crafting the perfect subject line to knowing when to log off and pick up the phone, Shipley and Schwalbe present a comprehensive workshop on email etiquette. Their time-honored tips will prevent bruised egos, ruined relationships, and fatal miscommunications.