Tara Moss: Bestselling Author and Human Rights Activist


Tara Moss is a force of nature. An internationally bestselling author, her crime novels have been published in 19 countries and 13 languages. Her most recent books are the internationally bestselling postwar historical crime novels The War Widow and The Ghosts of Paris, featuring PI Billie Walker and her disabled war vet assistant Samuel Baker. Moss is also a documentary host, UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, and human rights activist, making significant contributions to discussions around disability and inclusion as well as women’s and children’s rights.

Following a hip injury in 2016, Tara Moss was diagnosed with CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.) As a disabled woman and ambulatory wheelchair user, Moss is using her public profile to talk about chronic illness, disability, and accessibility to organizations across the globe. An incredibly engaging and articulate speaker, Tara Moss talks about women’s representation in media, fiction, and public life as well as her own story of resilience and adaptability.

Tara Moss has been a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador since 2007. In 2013 she was named UNICEF Australia’s National Ambassador for Child Survival and travelled to maternity wards, schools, and refugee camps across the globe. She received the Edna Ryan Award for her significant contribution to feminist debate in 2015, and in 2021 was named a ‘Global Change Maker for Disability and Chronic Pain’ by Conscious Being magazine. She shares stories about her journey as a woman with CRPS in her blog and on her Instagram channel Tara and Wolfie, named after her cane ‘Wolfie.’

Speaking Topics

Speaking Out: Why We Need Diverse Voices
Tara Moss brings impeccable historical research to her novels and puts feminist themes at the forefront of her stories. Internationally recognized for her work on diversity and women’s rights, Tara Moss talks about how to speak out safely and confidently, and why including diverse voices matters.

Activating Your Advocacy Skills
As a writer, speaker, and disabled woman living with chronic pain, Tara Moss is committed to addressing the stigma and stereotypes surrounding disability. In this talk geared toward fellow disabled and chronically ill people, as well as their allies and carers, Moss talks about why accessibility can only be improved through allyship and why true diversity must include disability.



“Tara is at the forefront of this fight, especially for those with chronic illness and pain… she is a global change maker when it comes to disability.” –Conscious Being magazine

“Your skills as a speaker are outstanding, and the message you gave was one that should be heard by school students across the state.” –The Eating Disorders Support Network

“Thank you again for being our guest speaker last night! Your presentation was wonderful. I especially appreciated the ‘self-care’ piece as so many people forget about that.” –Victoria Disability Resource Centre

“You and your work [on accessiblity] were one of the absolute highlights of my time here.” –Royal BC Museum

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