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Emily Ballesteros

Burnout management coach and TikTok influencer, and author of The Cure for Burnout

  • About Emily Ballesteros

    Emily Ballesteros is on a mission to help employees and individuals beat burnout—forever. While burnout is often cited in relation to work/life balance, stress, and mental health challenges, there are very few actionable strategies to address the problem. Using her expertise in organizational psychology and personal experience, Ballesteros offers tangible tools for burnout management.

    In engaging lectures and workshops for companies, colleges and universities, non-profits, and various other organizations, Ballesteros shows audiences and participants how to break burnout habits, create sustainable work/life-balance, set boundaries, and manage stress.

    Ballesteros’ book, The Cure for Burnout: How to Build Better Habits, Find Balance, and Reclaim Your Life, combines scientific and cultural research and the tried-and-true tactics she has implemented with clients to combat burnout. The Cure for Burnout provides a holistic method for burnout management to address the epidemic of an always-on, chronically overextended culture, empowering readers to reclaim control of their lives.

    Emily Ballesteros’ experience with burnout comes from her training in industrial-organizational psychology, hours of working with clients from a range of Fortune 500 companies, as well as personal experience. While receiving her Master’s and working in corporate training and development, Ballesteros experienced exhaustion and burnout. Unable to find resources and comprehensive burnout management training, she set out to develop her own treatment method.

    Ballesteros’ work has been featured in media such as The Wall Street Journal and CNBC. She regularly provides burnout trainings for corporations like PepsiCo, Salesforce, and Thermo Fisher Scientific, among others.

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  • Speaking Topics

    Burnout Management

    As part of this session that can be offered as an introductory lecture or extended workshop, Emily Ballesteros will teach participants how to manage burnout, create work/life balance, and optimize performance. Participants will obtain solutions for the top areas that impact personal and professional burnout: Time Management, Stress Management, Boundaries, Personal Care, and Mindset.

    Setting Boundaries & Changing Habits

    As Emily Ballesteros writes in her book The Cure for Burnout: “Our world has no limits on what it will demand of you, so you must have limits on what you will give.” During this session Ballesteros will discuss how to set personal and professional boundaries clearly, confidently, and without guilt. She will teach universal boundary-setting techniques and tools to recalibrate existing habits.

    Generation Gaps in the Workplace

    The 25 million millennial workers who suffer from burnout, dream of quiet quitting, or switch jobs every two years are costing our economy billions of dollars and limiting the career- and life-satisfaction of an entire generation. The Great Resignation made hiring and retention harder than ever, and senior management want to understand why millennials are leaving their jobs. In this keynote or panel discussion geared toward leaders across all industries, Emily Ballesteros will help bridge the gap between generations in the workplace.

  • Praise for Emily Ballesteros


    Make this mandatory for everyone. It is extremely important for everyone to take this course.

    Workshop Participant

    I think this is an eye-opening training that made me step back and take a look at things I need to work on to be a better employee, parent, and spouse.

    Workshop Participant

    No matter your role, this is great and important info. There is so much of our culture that borderlines on burnout and having thee tools will help people get through that and could ultimately help employee retention.

    Workshop Participant

    Praise for The Cure for Burnout

    Insightful, eye-opening, and lovingly direct, The Cure for Burnout gives you the tools and strategies you need to reclaim your time and energy to start enjoying your life. It should be required reading for anyone in the workplace today.

    Tara Schuster, author of Buy Yourself the F*cking Lilies

    The Cure for Burnout is full of clear, actionable tools to help you find greater balance, energy, and fulfillment in today’s overstressed world. Ballesteros’s relatable, necessary book will revolutionize your work/life balance.

    Marie Forleo, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Everything is Figureoutable

    This is not the kind of book you read and then decide if you want to change; reading this book changes you. You’ll learn how to set limits, honor yourself, and build a life you enjoy waking up to. You’ll also learn how to create real-life, actual spare time. Spare time! Funny, wise, and full of apply-today knowledge, I loved this total reset of a book.

    Katherine Morgan Schafler, author of The Perfectionist’s Guide to Losing Control
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