David Levithan: Beloved with Teen and Adult Readers


David Levithan’s first novel, Boy Meets Boy (2003), began as a story written for his friends. The book went on to become a groundbreaking success and launched his prolific literary career. Since his debut, Levithan has remained one of the most acclaimed and popular voices in young adult literature, authoring and collaborating on nearly two dozen celebrated books.

Beloved by both teen and adult readers, Levithan’s novels are often characterized by strong LGBTQ characters and tackle a host of important coming-of-age issues. In his thoughtful and funny talks, Levithan connects with readers, illuminating his craft and characters and addressing the thought-provoking themes of his books.

Among Levithan’s impressive body of work are the novels Two Boys Kissing, Every Day, Another Day, and The Realm of Possibility. He frequently collaborates with other writers, having co-authored Will Grayson, Will Grayson with John Green, and Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist with Rachel Cohn, which was adapted into a film of the same name.

Levithan is also Editorial Director at Scholastic, Inc., where he has worked with children’s book authors, including Suzanne Collins, Alice Hoffman, and Maggie Stiefvater. He is the founder of PUSH, an imprint dedicated to discovering new and diverse voices in young adult literature. In 2016, Levithan was awarded the ALA Margaret Edwards Award for his significant and lasting contribution to young adult literature.” In 2017, he received the Chicago Tribune Young Adult Literary Award.

Speaking Topics

Creating Stories and Possibilities
David Levithan says, “A story doesn’t doesn’t have to always reflect reality; it can create reality as well.” In utilizing creative structure and challenging social norms, Levithan’s books encourage readers to think outside the box. In this talk, Levithan discusses how he came to write some of his bestselling books, inspiring emerging writers to envision new possibilities in their work.

Giving Voice: Why We Need YA Literature
David Levithan is a true advocate for YA literature. Through his own work and the work of those he’s published, Levithan has given a platform to a host of important social issues and helped diverse voices be heard. In this talk, Levithan addresses why YA literature is an important genre for all of us, touching on topics like bullying, social class, gender, and sexuality.

Praise for David Levithan

“No one does heart-pulling emotion like Levithan…” -Gayle Forman, author of Just One Day and Just One Year

“…a literary genius. His style of writing is brilliant…” –Romantic Times

“… a writer and editor who has helped create, in literature, a haven for queer youth.” –Publishers Weekly


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