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Peter Walsh

Organizational design expert, television and radio personality, and New York Times bestselling author

  • About Peter Walsh

    An expert in organizational design, Peter Walsh aims to help people live richer, happier lives. Born and raised in Australia, Walsh moved to Los Angeles to launch a company that helped organizations improve job satisfaction and effectiveness. Since then, he has helped thousands of people organize their homes and offices through his television and radio appearances, bestselling books, and dynamic talks. Walsh was a regular guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show, where he was dubbed the “Get Your Whole Life Organized Guy,” which led to his own series, Extreme Clutter. He now is a repeat guest and occasional co-host of The Rachael Ray Show.

    Peter Walsh has brought his dynamic, candid sessions on clutter-busting to conferences, home shows, corporate seminars, and people in need of organization across the world, including audiences at Oprah’s legendary annual O You! conference. From employees dealing with new and changing corporate environments to downsizing retirees and more, Walsh’s tailored talks provide guidelines for channeling the chaos and creating calm environments, breaking down why clean, organized spaces are so vital to healthy and productive lifestyles. An experienced speaker, Walsh has worked with organizations like Walt Disney, Ikea, Microsoft, Chase, California Closets, and more to motivate and inspire professionals.

    The author of several bestselling books on organizing, including Let It Go; Lose The Clutter, Lose The Weight; How to Organize (Just About) Everything; It’s All Too Much; Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat?; Enough Already!; and Lighten Up, Peter Walsh also writes a column in Australia’s Inside Out Magazine, contributes to REA (Australia’s largest real estate website) and has been a regular Contributing Editor to O: The Oprah Magazine. Walsh has appeared on The Talk, Good Morning America, The Today Show, Valerie’s Home Cooking, and CNN, among other outlets, and his interviews have appeared in thousands of newspapers, magazines, and websites across the world. He’s a regular contributor to the Australian series The Living Room, and starred on the popular organization and design series Clean Sweep.

    Visit Peter Walsh’s Company Reads page to discover how he can show organizations how to create more productive, effective, and calm workplaces—even in the most turbulent of times.

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  • Speaking Topics

    Improving Productivity, Organization, and Health While Working from Home

    The current global pandemic has seen a significant shift in work behaviors with more workers than ever before being required to work from home. Combined with national stay-at-home advisories, required home schooling and the imposed social isolation, working from home can be a real challenge in terms of focus, productivity and the general health and well-being not only of workers but also of their families.

    International organizational expert Peter Walsh has almost 20 years’ experience helping individuals and businesses create more decluttered, organized and productive homes and workspaces. Peter’s practical tips and advice provide clear guidance and help in navigating the work-from-home stress and pressures that accompany the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Let It Go: Downsizing to a Richer Happier Life

    Whether you are selling your family home, blending households, or cleaning out a parent’s house, sorting through a lifetime’s worth of accumulated possessions can be a daunting and stressful experience. Understanding the basic process of downsizing is critical to dealing with these important phases. In this talk, Peter Walsh explains his approach to downsizing and provides a step-by-step process for dealing with emotional challenges, establishing a hierarchy of mementos and collectibles, dividing heirlooms, and creating strategies for your new life.

    Managing Change in the Workplace

    Change is a normal and necessary part of the growth of any company. Being organized contributes to positive change and assists the productivity and effectiveness of the workplace. In this talk, Peter Walsh applies his decluttering and organizing methodology to the corporate environment, exploring the nature of getting organized and its value as a corporate goal toward achieving success.

    It’s All Too Much: Living a Richer Life with Less Stuff

    Organization is not just about the clothes in our closets or the boxes in our garages. It is about living more focused, motivated, and productive lives both at home and at work. The stuff we own and the things we consume have a direct effect on our lives, our relationships, and the world in which we live. Through this highly interactive session, Walsh provides a deeper understanding of clutter and organization and provides the audience with skills, tips, and techniques for living a happier life with less stuff. He points out the most common stumbling blocks people have to higher efficiency and productivity and offers concrete suggestions to overcome them.

    This talk can be tailored to fit different audiences and their goals, from those concerned with the environmental impact of clutter to families adapting to a new living situation.

    Navigating the Mess: Kids, Teenagers, and Clutter

    Good organizational skills can be learned from the earliest age and provide the basis for solid decision-making skills, personal responsibility, and an understanding of one’s role as a responsible member of a family and the broader community. Peter Walsh demonstrates that helping kids become more organized need not be the nightmare it seems to be for so many parents, with step-by-step guides and accessible tips for families.

    Lose the Clutter, Lose the Weight: Understanding the Connection

    While anecdotal evidence has long suggested a link between excessive clutter and personal weight and health issues, the science now supports this connection in a way that is hard to dispute. In this talk, Peter Walsh highlights how understanding the relationship between good health, weight, and the things we own leads to better personal choices for health and wellness.

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  • Praise for Peter Walsh

    Praise for Let It Go

    With his uniquely bold and encouraging style, Peter invites us to reorient our goals and passions around the things that matter most. This is a must-read book for anyone who believes there's more to life than accumulating stuff.

    Joshua Becker, bestselling author of The Minimalist Home

    Praise for It’s All Too Much, So Get It Together

    He is a genius...he forces you to re-examine the underlying value of the possessions that clutter your life.

    The New York Times
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