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Nic Stone

New York Times-bestselling author of Dear Martin and Odd One Out

  • About Nic Stone

    Nic Stone is the bestselling author of young adult novels that explore race, sexuality, and romance with powerful honesty and captivating storytelling. Her debut novel, the New York Times-bestselling Dear Martin, is inspired by a series of true events involving the shooting deaths of unarmed African American teenagers. Her second book, Odd One Out, is an honest and touching depiction of first love that explores gender and teenage friendship with tenderness and compassion.

    In her lectures and workshops aimed at teenagers, educators and aspiring writers, Stone explores how literature can impact social change and disrupt the status quo.  Through critical thinking and discussion, she challenges audiences to “write the tough stuff” to embrace their inner power.

    A native of Atlanta, Georgia and a Spelman College graduate, Stone worked extensively in teen mentoring and lived in Israel before returning to the United States to write full time. She now lives in Atlanta with her family. Her forthcoming third young adult novel, Jackpot (October 15, 2019), is a life-affirming story about the humanity in people, no matter how little or how much is in their bank account.

  • Speaking Topics

    Wri-sistence: Fiction as a Vehicle for Social Awareness and Change

    Using both popular examples from the literary canon (The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and To Kill a Mockingbird) and her own work, Nic highlights the ways fiction has been used to challenge the status quo. Audience members are inspired to tap their own wells of creativity for the sake of resistance.

    Get LIT

    What is “literacy,” why do we need it, and how do we truly obtain it? Exploring the history of English literacy, and expanding on the simplified definition (“The ability to read and write.”) Nic explains how true literacy is about effective communication, and has the power to change an individual's life, while also creating a more equitable society.

    Writing the Tough Stuff: A *Crash* Course

    Utilizing the acronym RHINOS—and a series of fun facts about them—Nic will explain how Reason, Humility, Investigative Savvy, Nuance, Optimism, and Self-Care (aka, cat videos) make up the building blocks of writing the "Tough Stuff."

    You Are Infinitely POWERful

    Drawing on the innate teen characteristics of Personal agency, Openness, Wonder, Elasticity, and Rebellion, Nic calls teens to embrace the power inside them and use it to wreak havoc on the ugliness of the world.

    Writing Workshops

    Story Basics – an examination of the building blocks of narrative: character development, setting, plot, point, and form
    Finding Your Voice – a lesson that combines a free-writing/stream-of-consciousness exercise with instruction in punctuation basics to teach the importance of syntax and cadence in establishing narrative voice
    Beginnings and Endings – an interactive lesson (with relevant exercises) on first lines and grabbing the reader in the first five pages, and concluding the narrative satisfactorily
    Pace Yourself! – a lesson in narrative pacing that will include subtopics such as backstory placement, chapter breaks, and moving through time
    Dialogue 101 – a lesson in writing convincing conversations
    Say Hello To My Little Friends – a lesson in developing sympathetic, true-to-life characters
    Rodent Writing 101 – using the mnemonic “Even Rats Avoid Icky Cauliflower,” a lesson that stresses the importance of Exploration, Research, Authenticity, Imperfection and Collaboration in the story-making process

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  • Praise for Nic Stone

    Praise for Clean Getaway

    An absolute firecracker of a book.

    Booklist, starred review

    A heartwarming, family-centered adventure that will leave readers guessing until the end.

    Publishers Weekly, starred review

    Rich in history, Stone’s middle-grade debut entertains and informs young readers….A road trip to remember.


    Praise for Jackpot

    Hard-to-put-down, enjoyable read.


    Praise for Odd One Out

    Fans of Nic and new readers will find themselves engrossed.

    Teen Vogue

    Declaring yourself–how you would like to be represented and whom you want to love and connect with–is treated with real tenderness.

    The New York Times

    For fans of authors who dig complex relationships, like Shannon M. Parker, Ashley Woodfolk and Misa Sugiura.

    Paste Magazine

    Essential reading.

    Booklist, Starred Review

    An important and necessary love story.


    Stone challenges stereotypical notions of what it means to be straight, bisexual, or gay, showing how sexual identities and desires can be as complicated as the individual human brain.


    Praise for Dear Martin

    Absolutely incredible, honest, gut-wrenching. A must read!

    Angie Thomas, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Hate U Give

    Painfully timely and deeply moving.

    Jodi Picoult, #1 New York Times-bestselling author

    Raw and gripping.

    Jason Reynolds, bestselling coauthor of All American Boys

    Teens, librarians and teachers alike will find this book a godsend. . . . Vivid and powerful.

    Booklist, Starred

    A visceral portrait of a young man reckoning with the ugly, persistent violence of social injustice.

    Publishers Weekly
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