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Gwyneth Cravens

Science writer and environmentalist, author of The Power to Save the World

  • About Gwyneth Cravens

    Gwyneth Cravens, writer and environmentalist, is the author of Power to Save the World: The Truth About Nuclear Energy. In the book, Cravens documents her eight-year journey through the nuclear world, her encounters with scientists from many different disciplines, and her shift from skeptic to supporter of nuclear power as the safest, greenest, and most efficient technology for large-scale mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions.

    Cravens has contributed articles on science and other topics to The New YorkerThe New York TimesHarper’sThe Washington PostDiscover,Huffington PostThe Brookings Institution Review, and other publications. She worked as an editor at The New Yorker and as an associate editor at Harper’s, and for several years wrote a literary column for The Nation.

  • Speaking Topics

    Why Going Green Means Going Nuclear

    We obtain about three-quarters of our electricity from burning fossil fuels. In this lecture Gwyneth Cravens discusses the urgent need to replace fossil fuel combustion with nuclear power and shows that no other large-scale, nonpolluting energy resource can do the job while also saving lives and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

    Getting Past "Us Versus Them"

    Gwyneth Cravens talks about how more effective communication concerning current and future sources of power production and their risks and benefits can make a difference on the grassroots level as well as in the national dialogue about the choices we make regarding the future of energy and the environment.

    A Journey from Myth to Fact

    Gwyneth Cravens describes her journey from antinuclear protester to supporter of nuclear power and the surprising information that led her to change her mind. Environmental leaders here and abroad, as well as a number of nations, are now concluding that more clean, safe nuclear power is necessary in order to improve public health and reduce accelerated anthropogenic climate change and ocean acidification.

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  • Praise for Gwyneth Cravens

    Praise for Power to Save the World

    Let's hope this clear-eyed, up-to-date tour of all things nuclear. . . . Sparks a renewed nationwide debate.


    Provocative...A fresh look at nuclear power [that asks] whether the threat of global warming has changed the calculus of nuclear risk.

    The Washington Post Book World
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