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Elaine Lin Hering

Expert communications coach

2023 Elaine Lin Hering Speaking Reel
  • About Elaine Lin Hering

    A mediator and lawyer, Elaine Lin Hering is the Managing Partner of Triad Consulting Group, a global leadership development firm founded out of the Harvard Negotiation Project. After spending over a decade teaching people how to negotiate, communicate, and speak up, she is now well-known for her cross-cultural fluency and ability to educate across power and difference. She has worked with prominent clients, including American Express, Google, the Red Cross, and the U.S. Department of Commerce, and has facilitated executive education programs at many prestigious universities and colleges, such as Harvard, Dartmouth, and UCLA. Previously serving as the Advanced Training Director for the Harvard Mediation Program, Hering now teaches negotiation as a faculty member at Harvard Law School. In her forthcoming book, Unlearning Silence: The Ways We Silence Ourselves, Silence Others, and What To Do About It (Penguin 2024), she shows how silence has been normalized and used to create inequality, racism, and sexism. Hering urges her audience to unlearn the silence, to speak up to create a more equitable world, and to establish new norms.

    A highly sought-after speaker, Elaine Lin Hering has been invited to speak at conferences ranging from the World Business Dialogue in Germany to the Auschwitz Institute on Peace and Reconciliation. In her keynotes, lectures, and workshops, she touches upon “speak up” culture, how to unlearn silence, and how to make feedback work. She enlightens and empowers her audience with tips on fostering and leveraging their voices in expressing their thoughts, insights, expertise, and perspectives. At the same time, Hering explores the difficulty and uncomfortableness of feedback conversations, offering a practical set of strategies and tools for navigating these dialogues. Her works have been published in many publications, including Fast Company, HR Magazine, and San Francisco Chronicle.

    Elaine Lin Hering is a graduate of Harvard Law School and the University of California Berkeley, where she studied Political Science and Music, and Sino-American Relations at Peking University in Beijing. She previously taught negotiation and mediation at Monash Law School in Melbourne, Australia, and was a Senior Consultant for Conflict Management Australasia, helping them expand their practice in the region.

  • Speaking Topics

    Build a Speak Up Culture

    With candor and humor, Elaine Lin Hering explores how learned silence and the ways that you’re unintentionally silencing people undercuts your best intentions. Based on her upcoming book, Unlearning Silence (Penguin 2024), Hering examines the messages you’re really sending with your actions and offers ways to build new patterns of working together. She teaches her audience how to create clear paths for voice, understanding and designing for different wiring, and using their own voices to establish new norms.

    Unlearning Silence: How to Find and Use Your Voice

    “Just speak up.” Elaine Lin Hering shows how this common advice falls flat if we fail to recognize the silence we’ve learned and the real and perceived costs associated with speaking up. In provoking session, she sheds light on the silence we’ve learned and offer concrete ways to find and use your voice – for the impact you want. She provides strategies for finding your unique voice and a mental model for speaking up.

    Making Feedback Work

    Elaine Lin Hering takes a hard look at how people react to feedback, and how to turn even off-base, unfair, and poorly-delivered feedback into real learning and growth. She teaches the 3 kinds of “feedback” everyone needs to learn and grow, typical triggers that incline us to dismiss or debate rather than learn from feedback, and actionable tips individuals can integrate into their teams and daily practices to make feedback work better.

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