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Dr. Shimi Kang, M.D.

Child and youth psychiatrist, human motivation expert, and author of the #1 bestsellers The Dolphin Way and The Self Motivated Kid

“What one skill = an awesome life?” – Dr. Shimi Kang @TEDx Kelowma
  • About Shimi Kang

    Dr. Shimi Kang is a Harvard-trained doctor, researcher, and lecturer on human motivation with more than fifteen years of clinical experience. With her extensive knowledge and experience in the science of motivation, Dr. Kang helps people of all ages cultivate the crucial skill set needed to succeed both professionally and personally. Her inspiring book, The Dolphin Way: A Parent’s Guide to Raising Healthy, Happy, and Motivated Kids (Tarcher), offers practical advice on how to foster children’s own internal drive and a lifelong love of learning. Steering away from the pushy “tiger” parenting model, Dr. Kang proposes that parents emulate the highly social dolphin and focus on maintaining balance in their children’s lives to gently yet authoritatively guide them toward lasting health, happiness, and success. Her second book, The Self-Motivated Kid, provides a guide to the art and science of encouraging children to develop their own internal drive and a lifelong love of learning and was awarded the 2015 USA Book News International Book Award for Parenting and Family.

    Dr. Kang has presented at hundreds of events and is a powerful keynote speaker for schools, parenting organizations, women’s groups, corporations, health and wellness conferences, and medical organizations.

    Dr. Kang is a clinical associate professor at the University of British Columbia and the medical director of Child and Youth Mental Health for Vancouver. She has won numerous national awards for her work in mental health and addiction and has helped hundreds of children, adolescents, and adults move toward positive behaviors and better mental health.

  • Speaking Topics

    The Irrefutable Truth About Motivation

    With motivational speakers at every turn, there is no doubt that audiences want to understand motivation and catch a whiff of its magical ether. However, few (if any) speakers are able to lay out the neuroscience, biology, psychology, and reality of motivation like Dr. Shimi Kang. As a Harvard trained addiction specialist, Dr Kang knows all too well about the devastating effects of when motivation goes astray. However, she also knows exactly how to bring one's motivation back towards health, happiness, and lasting success. From across the ages, Dr Kang combines irrefutable science with unforgettable stories in a whirlwind tour that leaves her audience entertained, educated and yes – motivated!

    The Dolphin Way: Finding Balance In an Unbalanced World

    How is it that the most informed generation of parents in human history are raising children with rising rates of anxiety, depression, obesity, and addiction? Given that all of these are human lifestyle conditions - do we need a reminder for what it means to live a human life? The intelligent, playful, joyful, and community-minded dolphin can certainly be that reminder. Dolphins are not authoritarian tiger-parents who push and hover nor are they permissive jellyfish parents. Dolphin parents’ use a balanced relationship and a balanced lifestyle to guide their children towards self motivation. This allows Dolphin kids to have what Tiger kids don’t – the ability to adapt by possessing the key 21st century skills of “CQ” - collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking. Although these are the skills needed in our globally competitive, highly connected, and fast paced modern world, the Dolphin Way is not a new trend. The principles are as old as humanity itself as it is based upon how we are naturally motivated through powerful neurochemical pathways. "The Dolphin Way" will leave every parent with the one they can use with any child in every situation – their human intuition.

    Dolphin Parenting: How to Raise Healthy, Happy, and Motivated Kids Without Turning Into A Tiger

    Are you a Tiger, Jellyfish, or Dolphin? How to Best Collaborate and Motivate Others

    Internal Drive is Lasting: The Art and Science of Human Motivation

    Parenting in the 21st Century

    High-Jacked Brain: Drug, Alcohol, and Behavioral Addictions

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  • Praise for Shimi Kang


    It was an honor and privilege to meet Dr. Kang and introduce her as this year’s keynote for Davis Parent University. Dr. Kang’s lecture was outstanding with strong content, helpful tips, and suggestions. Her gift of presenting her content was just as powerful, as she developed a bond and engaged the 450 attendees from the minute she walked on stage to her successful book signing followed by her Q &A. Dr. Kang and her book continue to be the conversation at parties, meetings and school functions. We love her!

    Davis Parent University

    Dr. Shimi Kang was a hit with our members. ADHD Adults are a tough crowd and they were enthused and engaged: “Very interesting.” “Very helpful.” “Great presentation.” “Outstanding.” “THANK YOU!”  Dr. Kang is knowledgeable passionate.  She shared the hard facts with clarity, and the human story without judgment. Head and heart—a rare combination.

    Totally ADD

    I thoroughly enjoyed Dr. Kang’s presentation.  She is an engaging speaker, who connected very quickly with our audience.  Her topic was interesting and filled with relevant, compelling examples and anecdotes.  The pace she set was perfect for our group, and she checked regularly to confirm that she was understood and was providing not too many or too few details. The dolphin model is an interesting one: simple enough to pick up quickly, while still being complex enough to fit a broad range of business and personal situations.  I would definitely leap at the chance to listen to Dr. Kang speak again if given the opportunity.

    HRPA (Human Resources Professional Association)

    Dr. Kang delivered a fluid and practical approach to how we live our lives, and teach our children and families to become fulfilled. Her delivery to the large audience was seamless and the reactions have been immediately positive. Dr. Kang’s talk has been one of the more popular in responses and views so far, illustrating how well her P.O.D. principles will be adopted by the audience. Thanks again, for the fantastic ‘Idea Worth Spreading’!

    TEDx Kelowna

    Dr. Kang’s 2014 TEDx talk was not only thought provoking and insightful, it was brilliantly inspiring and profoundly enlightening!  Can’t wait to read <i>The Dolphin Way</i>, I’ve always felt like we need to play more, laugh and get silly again.

    Open for Change Enterprises Inc.

    I have the fortunate opportunity to attend a Keynote address at a HR conference by Dr. Kang, and her dolphin way for the workplace.  The session was excellent and very enlightening.   It took very complex topics, such as: neuroplasticity, motivation and psychology and presented them in a very applicable way which can easily be used in every workplace. It is a new way to look an individual motivation.  I would highly recommend her for any workplace speaking event.

    Georgian College

    Dr. Kang has spoken to our student body, as well as to our parents and faculty members.  Dynamic, engaging and personable, she is able to bridge the gap between theory and practical application, sharing numerous anecdotes drawn from her own family life, as well as her clinical practice.  She also does an excellent job of fielding questions and of tailoring her presentation to meet the needs of a particular audience.

    The Dolphin Way should be compulsory reading for every parent and educator.  Drawing upon a wealth of recent research and insights from her clinical practice, Dr. Kang provides invaluable advice on how we can avoid the extremes of both ‘tiger parenting’ and ‘jellyfish parenting’ in order to ensure that our children grow up to be balanced, responsible, successful and happy adults.  This is a book infused with wisdom from beginning to end.  My only regret is that it hadn’t been published 20 years ago when I was struggling as a new parent!

    Saint George’s World School for Boys

    I’ve had the pleasure of having Dr. Kang speak for me on a number of occasions and she is one of the most dynamic and engaging speakers I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Dr. Kang presents her information with poise, charisma and complete confidence in her grasp of the material at hand while remaining accessible to the audience. A typical first question I receive following one of Dr. Kang’s presentation is – when can she come back?!

    Purdue Pharma

    I have had the privilege of seeing Dr. Kang present on at least 12 occasions. Positive, energetic, motivating, engaging, compelling and humble are just a few words that describe this incredible presenter. I always leave Dr. Kang’s presentation with a sense that I can always accomplish more in everything I do. One of the BEST presenters I have had the pleasure of seeing!

    Shire Canada

    Dr. Kang’s presentation on the importance of motivation for people with diabetes and other chronic diseases was very well received by our audience of physicians and nurse-educators. Her presentation style was energetic and engaging. She motivated our audience to enhance their communication with their patients by incorporating her approach into their practices. We hope to have her back soon!

    University of British Columbia

    Dr. Kang is an eloquent and engaging speaker whose timely message of motivating others through open and empathetic communication will be of value for any audience. Emphasizing a cooperative “dolphin” approach rather than an aggressive “tiger” method, her belief is that applying good communication techniques does not have to be complicated, and she provides many practical strategies that can be adopted immediately.

    Lundbeck Canada
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