PRHSB Weekly News Round-Up: June 14


Leila Mottley’s Nightcrawling is the latest Oprah’s Book Club Pick!

“What shines through is Leila’s lyricism and her courage in taking on what so many young people face in real life.”—Oprah

Leila Mottley, who is only 19 years old, is the youngest writer ever selected by Oprah’s Book Club. She started writing the book when she was 17. Nightcrawling follows a a young Black woman in Oakland as she grapples with poverty and police corruption while trying to protect those she loves.

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Books for the Current Moment

  • HOW TO RAISE AN ANTI-RACIST: Dr. Ibram X. Kendi provides a guide for parents on how to teach children the reality of racism.
  • AN IMMERSIVE WORLD: Ed Yong shares the strange and secret ways that animals perceive the world.
  • FINDING THE MOTHER TREE: Suzanne Simard writes about the mysterious, powerful forces that connect and sustain the others that surround them.
  • ROGUES: Patrick Radden Keefe brings together his most celebrated articles about grifters, killers, rebels, and crooks.