PRHSB Weekly News Round-Up: July 5


Please find below a roundup of this week’s recent news articles, media, and essays from PRH Speakers Bureau speakers.

Our top speakers shaping current discourse and featured in the news.

News Media Spotlight

PLANNING AHEAD: Programming Ideas

Books for the Current Moment

  • TAKE MY HAND: Inspired by true events, Dolen Perkins-Valdez writes a story about a nurse trying to help women shape their destinies, to make their own choices for their lives and bodies.
  • HOW DEMOCRACIES DIE: Steven Levitsky and Daniel Ziblatt show how democracies die and how ours can be saved.
  • OUR UNFINISHED MARCH: Eric Holder provides a playbook for how we can save our democracy.
  • LIFTING AS WE CLIMB: Evette Dionne shares the extraordinary and underrepresented history of black women, filling in the blanks of the American suffrage story.