PRHSB Weekly News Round-Up: July 25


Please find below a roundup of this week’s recent news articles, media, and essays from PRH Speakers Bureau speakers.

Our top speakers shaping current discourse and featured in the news.

News Media Spotlight

  • Current Topic: MENTAL HEALTH
    On the Erza Klein Show, Dr. Thomas Insel discusses how mental illness is a medical problem that requires social solutions.
  • Current Topic: JOURNALISM
    Patrick Radden Keefe talks with ProPublica about his craft, cracking cold cases, and his aversion to cinematic journalism.
  • Current Topic: TECHNOLOGY
    Speaking with Yahoo!Roger McNamee expresses his concerns about the Meta COO’s resignation.
  • Current Topic: BLACK JOY
    Kwame Onwuachi talks about how he expresses himself and honors his multicultural culinary heritage through cooking in his interview with PBS.

PLANNING AHEAD: Programming Ideas

Books for the Current Moment

  • LIGHT WE GIVE: Dr. Simran Jeet Singh teaches everyone how to integrate ethical living to achieve personal happiness and a happier life.
  • OUR UNFINISHED MARCH: Eric Holder provides a playbook for how we can save our democracy.
  • WINNER TAKES ALL: Anand Giridharadas argues how the problem in wealth disparity is masquerading as a solution.
  • TAKE MY HAND: Inspired by true events, Dolen Perkins-Valdez writes a story about a nurse trying to help women shape their destinies, to make their own choices for their lives and bodies.