PRHSB Weekly News Round-Up: August 15


Please find below a roundup of this week’s recent news articles, media, and essays from PRH Speakers Bureau speakers.

Our top speakers shaping current discourse and featured in the news.

News Media Spotlight

  • Current Topic: CREATIVITY
    Eve Rodsky
    partners with Hello Sunshine and Oui by Yoplait to explore what finding your Unicorn Space is all about.
  • Current Topic: NATIONAL SECURITY
    Anand Giridharadas speaks on Morning Joe about the FBI’s search of Mar-a-Lago.
  • Current Topic: TIME MANAGEMENT
    In her New York Times article, Laura Vanderkam writes about the necessity to take vacations to avoid burnout.
  • Current Topic: AFGHANISTAN
    Phil Klay writes in Time about American withdrawal and the collapse of the Afghan government.

PLANNING AHEAD: Programming Ideas

Books for the Current Moment

  • HOW DEMOCRACIES DIE: Steven Levitsky and Daniel Ziblatt show how democracies around the world die and how ours can be saved.
  • AUTHORITARIAN NIGHTMARE: John Dean shares an eye-opening understanding of the Trump phenomenon.
  • THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVITUDE: Mark Leibovich tells an unflinching account of the moral route of a major American political party and the transformation of major party players into the administration’s chief enablers.
  • OUR UNFINISHED MARCH: Eric Holder provides a playbook for how we can save our democracy.