Political Journalism: Meet our Experts


On-sale today is All The Truth Is Out: The Week Politics Went Tabloid by one of our newest speakers Matt Bai. Bai is the national political columnist at Yahoo News and former chief political correspondent for The New York Times Magazine. Netflix binge-watchers will also recognize him from his cameo appearance on House of Cards.

All The Truth Is Out retells the story of former Colorado senator Gary Hart, a reform-minded Democratic presidential candidate who in 1987 was leading George H. W. Bush by double digits in the polls. Instead of entering the White House, Gary Hart’s political career came crashing down in a blaze of flashbulbs and tabloid speculation in what Bai considers “in hindsight, the first modern political scandal.”

Matt Bai, who The Huffington Post calls a “straight-shooting substantive journalist”, sheds new light on the events that lead to Gary Hart’s downfall and shows how the Hart affair marked a crucial turning point in the ethos of political media – namely the moment when private lives became public, news became entertainment, and politics became the stuff of Page Six.

Bai also speaks regularly on the state of political journalism and the way that social media is transforming our expectations for government.

Matt Bai

National political columnist for Yahoo News and author of All the Truth Is Out

More Experts

Masha Gessen is a prominent Russian and American journalist best known for her critical book about President Vladimir Putin – The Man Without A Face – and her most recent book about Pussy Riot (Words Will Break Cement), the Russian all-female punk band that used their music to protest against Putin. Masha Gessen has undergone great risk to write and speak about the human rights violations, corruption, and personal vendettas that mark the Putin government. As independent Russian media are muted, Masha Gessen’s outspoken, chilling, and sometimes hilarious account of the current political landscape of Russia make her a sought-after speaker.

Private: Masha Gessen

Russian and U.S. journalist, activist, and author of the National Book Award-winning The Future is History

Blaine Harden is a former foreign correspondent for The Washington Post and author of the international bestseller Escape for Camp 14, which tells the remarkable story of Shin Dong-hyuk, the only documented person born in a North Korean prison camp to escape to the West – and live to tell his story. The book and Shin’s testimony pushed the United Nations to create a Commission of Inquiry, which concluded in 2014 that North Korea has committed crimes against humanity. Blaine Harden’s lectures have been called “absolutely smashing”, combining his expert knowledge of foreign affairs with his award-winning journalistic skill to tell powerful stories.

Blaine Harden

Journalist and author of Escape from Camp 14

Lawrence Wright is a staff writer for The New Yorker, the author of numerous acclaimed works of nonfiction, and an expert on Middle East politics. He won the Pulitzer Prize for The Looming Tower, and Going Clear was a finalist for the National Book Award. His recently published book Thirteen Days in September is a dramatic, day-by-day account of the 1978 Camp David conference when President Jimmy Carter, Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin, and Egyptian President Anwar Sadat forged the first peace treaty in the modern Middle East – one which endures to this day. A gifted storyteller, Wright’s extensive knowledge of the Middle East and terrorism, combined with his journalistic talent for distilling complex subjects into riveting stories make him a great speaker for universities, libraries, and corporations.

Lawrence Wright

Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Looming Tower and staff writer for The New Yorker