Parenting in the Age of Social Media


In 2013, Vanity Fair columnist Nancy Jo Sales published her piece Friends Without Benefits about the social and sexual lives of teenage girls. The article received over a million hits and ignited an important conversation about parenting in the age of social media. In her New York Times-bestselling book American Girls: Social Media and the Secret Lives of Teenagers, Sales dives even deeper into the topic, providing a window into the troubling world of girls coming of age in the new millennium, based on interviews with hundreds of girls from Oklahoma to West Virginia and Miami to Manhattan.

An award-winning journalist and author, Sales is known for her reporting on youth culture and crime and for her profiles of pop-culture icons. In addition to Vanity Fair, she has written for New York, Harper’s Bazaar, and many other publications.

Sales sheds light on the world of sexting, cyberbullying, and pornography that are ubiquitous in today’s youth culture and talks about what it means to be a teenage girl (or boy) in America today. Her perspective is invaluable to parents, educators, and anyone working with teens.

Private: Nancy Jo Sales

Award-winning journalist and author of American Girls

Speaking Topic

Social Media and the Secret Lives of Teenagers
Instagram. Vine. YouTube. Ask.fm. Tinder. The dominant force in the lives of teens coming of age in America today is social media. With extraordinary intimacy and precision, Nancy Jo Sales delves into how these platforms are influencing today’s experience of adolescence and sexuality, and affecting the self-esteem of teenagers nationwide.

Praise for American Girls

American Girls is probably one of the most urgent conversation starters I’ve read in some time.”
Psychology Today

“Social media is life; social media destroys life. For American Girls, Ms. Sales spent two and a half years investigating this paradox…. and she’s exquisitely unobtrusive as she does it. Conversations that are not safe for adults seem to open like apps under her fingertips. She has sophisticated methods of infiltration.”
The Wall Street Journal

“Sales forces us to face a disturbing new reality in a book that should be required reading for parents, teachers, school administrators, legislators and the boys’ club of Silicon Valley.”
The San Francisco Chronicle


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