May 26th Edition: Staying Connected and Informed with PRHSB Speakers


Our speakers continue to participate in virtual events that are open to the public, and we are happy to include a roundup for you here. With things so uncertain at the moment, we hope attending these events will provide some hope, comfort, and inspiration. We have compiled all the upcoming virtual events from our speakers for the next week, as well as recent articles, media, and essays on different aspects of the pandemic.

Are you interested in learning more about virtual events? Contact usand we would be happy to provide suggestions for planning your next webinar, livestream, or keynote, from finding the right speaker to advising on technology.

As always, we wish you safety and health.

Virtual Events with Our Speakers

Recurring events

Tuesday, May 26

Wednesday, May 27

Thursday, May 28

Check out #BooksConnectUsLive for more live virtual events.

News and Media from PRHSB Speakers

We are all looking for the most relevant information about the current crisis, as well as advice on how to cope with the quickly changing personal, political, and cultural landscape. These articles from artists, journalists, scientists, and productivity experts highlight practical advice and news from the frontlines of the pandemic.