Healthcare Speakers: From Practitioners to Reformers


Healthcare is one of the most rapidly evolving sectors of our economy and navigating the ever-changing landscape can be challenging for both companies and patients. Our speakers are practitioners, patient empowerment advocates, security and privacy experts, as well as patients who have themselves battled illness. In compelling keynotes, tailored lectures, and hands-on workshops they offer solutions to issues with our current healthcare system, educate patients on their rights, and tell gripping stories of survival.


Dr. Pauline Chen
A respected surgeon specializing in organ transplants and cancer, Pauline Chen is passionate about improving health care. With a particular focus on the patient-doctor relationship and the specific challenges of end-of-life (palliative) care, Dr. Chen tackles complicated themes with expertise and empathy. The author of Final Exam, Dr. Chen puts her practice to print in her popular New York Times blog.

Dr. Barbara Natterson-Horowitz 
Dr. Barbara Natterson-Horowitz is a cardiology professor at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA and lectures on cardiovascular physiology, cardiovascular pharmacology, echocardiography, and bioengineering. She is the co-author of the bestselling book Zoobiquity, which presents a revelatory understanding of what animal health can teach us about the human body and mind while redefining the boundaries of medicine.

Dr. Lisa Sanders 
As an assistant clinical professor at the Yale University School of Medicine and a clinician educator at Yale’s Primary Care Internal Medicine Residency program, Dr. Sanders has a wide range of expertise and is the inspiration for Fox TV’s House. Based on her bestselling book, Every Patient Tells a Story, Sander’s lectures touch upon diagnostic errors, the importance of the doctor-patient relationship and what patients can learn from the challenging medical quandaries she has faced in her career.

Reform and Patient Empowerment

Steven Brill 
Steven Brill is an award-winning journalist and author of America’s Bitter Pill: Money, Politics, Backroom Deals, and the Fight to Fix Our Broken Healthcare System. In his lectures, he chronicles how the Affordable Care Act was written and implemented while shedding light on the profiteering of the healthcare industry. Having himself undergone a major surgery in 2014, Brill’s perspective is both that of a critical journalist and of a desperate patient looking up from the gurney at the system he thought he understood.

Leslie Michelson
Leslie D. Michelson, CEO of Private Health Management and author of The Patient’s Playbook: How to Save Your Life and the Lives of Those You Love, is on a mission to change the way Americans manage their health, going from “acceptors” of healthcare to savvy consumers. Having devoted his life’s work to helping people access the best quality medical care, he empowers audiences–-with clarity and precision–-to get the best from a broken system.

Security & Privacy

Marc Goodman
Increasingly technology is being integrated into every aspect of medicine and healthcare. These fast-paced advances in science hold phenomenal opportunities to cure disease and diminish human suffering. But what happens when medical devices, medical records, and even the human body itself is hacked by a vibrant network of organized criminals? Marc Goodman, a cyber security expert and author of the bestselling book Future Crimes, delivers compelling lectures that provide an overview of the latest criminal tradecraft targeting the healthcare industry and looks at how practitioners and patients can ensure technology continues to heal rather than harm.

Patient Perspectives

Nora Gallagher
In 2009, Nora Gallagher was told her right optic nerve was inflamed, a condition that would cause her to lose her sight if left untreated. The diagnosis marked her departure from ordinary life and the beginning of her travels in the land of the sick, or what she called “Oz.” Gallagher detailed her journey in her compelling memoir, Moonlight Sonata at the Mayo Clinic. Her lectures offer deeply felt meditations on suffering and vulnerability.

George Johnson
An acclaimed science journalist and regular writer for The New York Times, George Johnson’s work unlocks the human side of science. The author of nine books, George Johnson’s most recent work The Cancer Chronicles takes a provocative and intellectually vibrant look at recent advances in the war on cancer. Born out of personal struggle—Johnson’s wife was diagnosed with a metastatic cancer—he plunged himself into a study of the disease, unearthing surprising changes in science’s understanding of the causes of cancer which he shares with audiences in his lectures.

Marisa Acocello Marchetto
Marisa Acocello Marchetto is a famed graphic artist and a proud breast cancer survivor. A cartoonist for The New Yorker, Marchetto is the author of the graphic memoir, Cancer Vixen, a chronicle of her experiences with breast cancer.  In her lectures, Marchetto recounts with humor and inspiration her eleven-month fight with breast cancer, and every challenging step along the way.

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