Dr. Christine Carter finds “The Sweet Spot”


Private: Christine Carter, Ph.D.

Sociologist and leading happiness expert, author of The Sweet Spot: How to Accomplish More by Doing Less

The New Year has barely begun, and already the cycle of busyness has crept back into our lives—at work and at home. A sense of overwhelm is making us irritable, lowering productivity, and quite simply, keeping us from feeling happy. What aggravates this stress even more is the fact that our culture celebrates this cycle of busyness, perpetuating the message that if you’re not busy, you’re doing something wrong.

Author and speaker Dr. Christine Carter is ready to smash this paradigm. A leading sociologist at the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley, she has written The Sweet Spot: How to Find Your Groove at Home and Work. In her timely book, Dr. Carter shares what she calls the “Sweet Spot Equation,” a combination of strategies and practices for becoming more resilient to stress (because it’s inevitable) and more able to bounce back and find your stride again.

As Dr. Carter explained in a recent interview in the Penguin Random House Speakers Bureau video studio, the sweet spot is something we all know from athletics—when a ball hits it on a bat or racket, it launches with its most powerful and natural flight. While an athlete cannot make the sweet spot on a racket any bigger, as Dr. Carter illustrates, we can: “We can make our sweet spot bigger. We can build the skills that we need in order to gain strength and mastery, and we can learn how to build ease into our lives.”

Dr. Christine Carter brings a “trilogy of experience” to her book and her lectures from the scientific areas of elite performance, productivity and happiness research. And what makes Carter’s concept and story especially convincing is that her interest in the topic comes from a very personal place. As Dr. Carter explained, she became interested in the idea of living and working from a place of strength and ease at a time when she actually felt like she “had it all” – thriving kids, a happy home life, and a rewarding career. But as it turned out, the one thing that she did not have during this time was her health: “I was playing to my strengths, but I had no ease in my life.”

Dr. Carter shares her timely message and strategies with corporations, professional groups, and university students. Contact us about booking Dr. Christine Carter to speak at your next event.