Best Books of 2017


As 2017 comes to a close, we’d like to celebrate some of the accolades our speakers’ books received this year. From New York Times-bestselling fiction to National Book Award-winning nonfiction, these books are truly some of the best published this year, and we couldn’t be prouder to represent the authors that penned them.

Best Books of the Year

The Future Is History

The Future Is History - Masha Gessen

National Book Award winner, Kirkus Reviews Best Nonfiction, Los Angeles Times Best Nonfiction, Washington Post Top Ten

“Fascinating and deeply felt.” The New York Times Book Review

Ill Will

Ill Will - Dan Chaon

Kirkus Reviews Best Fiction, NPR Best Books of the Year, Washington Post Best Fiction, Publishers Weekly Best of 2017, Amazon Most Read Book

“Powerful . . . Chaon is one of America’s best and most dependable writers, and in the end, Ill Will is a ruthlessly ‘realistic’ piece of fiction about the unrealistic beliefs people entertain about their world.” Los Angeles Times


Grant - Ron Chernow

New York Times Top Ten, New York Times 100 Notable Books

“Marvelous…. Chernow’s biography gives us a deep look into this complicated but straightforward man, and into a troubled time in our history that still echoes today.” Thomas E. Ricks,  Foreign Policy

The Midnight Line

The Midnight Line - Lee Child

New York Times Critics Pick, New York Times 100 Notable Books, Amazon Most Read

“Each year Lee Child comes up with another Reacher. . . . . I don’t know another author so skilled at making me turn the page, at putting me in the thick of it all.” The Times Of London 

We Were Eight Years in Power

We Were Eight Years in Power - Ta-Nehisi Coates

Audible Editors Pick, Kirkus Reviews Best Nonfiction, Los Angeles Times Best Nonfiction

“Essential . . . Coates’s probing essays about race, politics, and history became necessary ballast for this nation’s gravity-defying moment.” The Boston Globe

Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Beach - Jennifer Egan

Longlisted for the National Book Award, NPR’s Best Books of the Year, New York Times 100 Notable Books

 “Tremendously assured and rich, moving from depictions of violence and crime to deep tenderness. The book’s emotional power once again demonstrates Egan’s extraordinary gifts.” Publishers Weekly

American War

American War - Omar El Akkad

New York Times 100 Notable Books, NPR Best Books of the Year, Washington Post Best Fiction

“El Akkad . . . has an innate (and depressingly timely) feel for the textural details of dystopia; if only his grim near-future fantasy didn’t feel so much like a crystal ball.” —Leah Greenblat, Entertainment Weekly

World Without Mind

World Without Mind - Franklin Foer

NPR Best Books of the Year, Los Angeles Times Best Nonfiction

” . . . a searing take, a polemic packed with urgency and desperation that, for all its erudition and eloquence, is not afraid to roll up its sleeves and make things personal.” NPR.org

Turtles All the Way Down

Turtles All the Way Down - John Green

New York Times 100 Notable Books, New York Times Critics Pick, NPR Best Books of the Year

“Green finds the language to describe the indescribable. . . . A must-read for those struggling with mental illness, or for their friends and family.” —San Francisco Chronicle

The Far Away Brothers

The Far Away Brothers - Lauren Markham

New York Times Critics Pick

“You should read The Far Away Brothers. We all should.” NPR

Little Fires Everywhere

Little Fires Everywhere - Celeste Ng

Audible Editor’s Pick, Kirkus Reviews Best Fiction of the Year, NPRs Best Books of the Year, Goodreads Readers’ Choice, Washington Post Best Fiction, Amazon Most Read Book

“Witty, wise, and tender. It’s a marvel.” —Paula Hawkins, author of The Girl on the Train and Into the Water 

An American Sickness

An American Sickness - Elisabeth Rosenthal

Kirkus Reviews Best Nonfiction, NPR Best Books of the Year, Washington Post Best Nonfiction

“An eye opening discussion . . . [An] important book. . . .” The New York Times Book Review

New People

New People - Danzy Senna

Kirkus Reviews Best Fiction, NPR Best Books of the Year

“[A] cutting take on race and class…part dark comedy, part surreal morality tale. Disturbing and delicious.” People

Anything Is Possible

Anything Is Possible - Elizabeth Strout

New York Times 100 Notable Books, New York Times Critics Pick, Kirkus Reviews Best Fiction of the Year, NPRs Best Books of the Year, Washington Post Best Fiction

“When Elizabeth Strout is on her game, is there anybody better? . . . This is a generous, wry book about everyday lives, and Strout crawls so far inside her characters you feel you inhabit them. . . . This is a book that earns its title. Try reading it without tears, or wonder.” USA Today

Saints for All Occasions

Saints for All Occasions - J. Courtney Sullivan

New York Times 100 Notable Books, New York Times Critics Pick, Washington Post Top Ten

“All of Sullivan’s characters leap off the page. You don’t read this book; you breathe it.” Janet Maslin, “Times Critics’ Top Books of 2017,” The New York Times