Richard Wiseman

Psychologist, bestselling author, and "rapid change" expert

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    Professor Richard Wiseman has garnered a sterling international reputation for his research in unusual areas, including deception, luck, humor, and the paranormal. Currently based at the University of Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom, he is Britain’s only professor for the Public Understanding of Psychology.

    He began his varied career as an award-winning professional magician, and he was one of the youngest members of The Magic Circle. He has given invited addresses and keynote speeches internationally, including to the Royal Society, the Royal Society for the Arts, Microsoft, Caltech, and the Royal Institution. Professor Wiseman’s research has been featured on over 150 television programs, including Horizon (BBC), 20/20 (ABC), Bodyshock(Channel 4 in the UK), and Dateline (NBC). He also regularly acts as a creative consultant for print, broadcast, and new media.

    Wiseman’s most recent book, 59 Seconds, is based on the new science of “rapid change.” Each chapter includes actual studies and experiments followed by useful activities that will guide readers toward real, observable change in under a minute—literally. In addition to 59 Seconds, Professor Wiseman has written The Luck Factor, a comprehensive account of his ten-year research project into the psychology of luck; Did You Spot the Gorilla?, a how-to book on recognizing and capturing unexpected opportunities; and Quirkology, which examines the curious psychology of everyday life, including laughter, lying, and love.

    A passionate advocate for science, Wiseman is well known for his media appearances, high-profile talks, live performances, and large-scale studies. Over a million people have taken part in his mass-participation experiments, and his YouTube channel has received over 8 million views. Most recently, Wiseman has helped create Telepath, a mind-reading psychological app for the iPhone.

  • Speaking Topics

    The Science of Rapid Change

    Why Self-Help Doesn't Work

    The Luck Factor

    The Psychology of Lying and Deception

    Mind Magic


    Investigating the Impossible

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  • Praise for Richard Wiseman

    Praise for 59 Seconds

    This is a self-help book, but with a difference: almost everything in it is underpinned by peer-reviewed and often fascinating research.

    New Scientist

    For all those who are tired of the usual self-help formula--homespun anecdotes, upbeat platitudes, over-the-top promises--Richard Wiseman's 59 Seconds is just what the PhD ordered.

    The Wall Street Journal
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